Women of today… oh, how dumb are they!


Women of today, oh how dumb r they…!!

Well, being a woman and writing this is little awkward but the time has come and the vein has spoken… lol. .Not trying to copy a Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S…!

Women today are dumb.. I mean, seriously dumb…They select the man they want by weighing his wallet.. Well, girls aren’t u supposed to see couple of inches to the side below ? 😉  There is a friend of mine who is been single for quite some time and gave up on girls and opted for an Arranged marriage and his mother has been looking out for a girl for over 5 years now and nobody is even close to saying YES to him.. He is well read, works with an MNC and earns decently to afford a pair of METRO if not a JIMMY CHOO, but yet no luck. One girl actually asked him to mail his salary slip to check if he is earning well enough. I mean, who would so such things?!?

As much as man expects a girl to be a virgin, we expect him to be a cash cow, and milk money forever. The thing to look for a man is no longer the 12 inches above the neck but his 6 inches below the waist and a fat wallet. All women want is the cookie molded IIT + 10 years’ experience in IT + 25 lacs pa. Well girls, it’s not a holiday package that u look for if u dint know.. It has its own terms and conditions too then. Even at 28, women refuse to grow up above the neck… The inches are 36 below the neck but actually in minus above it….

Men like women and not girls…. High school boys like girls… Men like women who are intellectual above, not just below, for that there are professionals.. There was this friend of mine who was scooting for a bride and he read this post that said “Looking for a handsome engineer, earning 20 lacs pa with green card…” on the matrimonial site. Well, shouldn’t u be looking for a man and not a ATM machine…? U should understand, engineers and handsome are mutually exclusive.. ! but jokes apart, life was much simpler when we demanded Greeting cards instead of green cards.

Green card possession is not a quality nor is a fat bank balance. It is the person inside the skin that maters the most in the long term. The 12 inches above the neck and the 6 inches below the waist will fade away and so will the money. It sounds cheesy but lets face it, that’s the fact of life. I fail to understand why a women has her qualities to look for in marrying a man all wrong…I don’t know if it is the influence of the society, friends or peer pressure, but women of today look at marriage as a T 20 match, short and exciting and before u know, the game is over.

Marriage is a life-long commitment provided it is with the right person and deciding the right person does not come by judging his face or his base. With the economic slowdown, no matter how much the guy earns, it is never secured. So why bother looking at it as ur first priority?! After a year of marriage is when it all actually begins and u get to know one another. Marriage is what that happens after the wedding. A big fat wedding is just a gate pass, the actually game starts at home. It is not about one day, but every day. How we adjust and understand our man every day, and evolve in the relationship. It is about making love and not having sex, which can happen only when u love the person behind the bank balance. It is about completing each other and not competing with each other. It is about being friends first and then man and wife later.

We don’t see the bank balance of our friends before we decide to become his/her friend, do we? Then why with the man we marry…? Am not saying marry a person with no money, all I’m saying is be fair and don’t judge a man by his ability to earn but by his ability to keep u happy and that can come only when u give him a fair chance to prove that to you. At the end, what really matters is the everyday happiness u get and for that u need to revive the marriage every day, it is difficult, no doubt, but it is worth a try for what u can get in return.

Give the man a chance, u never know marrying him might turn out to be the best decision of ur life. A good human is who will keep u happy and not a good credit card. A man who stands by you at ur worst is far better than the one buying a diamond when u were at your best.  A man who is honest and keeps u in a small house is better than a man who keeps u in a villa and is never with u to enjoy it. A man who loves u is better than the man u love(d)…

So, I will conclude by saying that as much as a man is nasty, we women are too in selecting the man we want to spend our lives with. A good hearted average man is any day better than a cruel millionaire.

P.S – My blog just gets interesting as u come to the bottom…..just like the bottom of the….. heart, what were u thinking? 😉 😉




3 thoughts on “Women of today… oh, how dumb are they!

  1. It was wonderfully described, wonderfully written about guidelines mostly girls follow when they actually start looking for a boy to get married!!
    Green card is the Common term and a gate-pass to be called Desi Indians or NRI.
    and society play a real big role to set this mindset that a good life belongs to Money only.

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