Poor India..!


With everyone’s compass pointing towards the north and waiting to seek some direction, I can seldom concentrate on living my life. I had to wait for almost 30 minutes to get into an auto as it was nearing 8.30 pm and sub consciously my heart was racing, mind was restless and there was a sense of fear and agony running through my spine and I was aghast knowing how I’m feeling and that is when I realized each women in the country is going thru the same, immaterial of how safe she thinks she is. The nation that was once culture rich is no more the same and has become rape rich. At times I really wish the Mayans were right and the world should have ended and made way for a new world free of anger, guilt, cruelty and crimes.

Why should a women dress from top to bottom covered in clothes to be safe in this country? The girl who was raped was not in her minimal clothes, it is not WE women who the problem is. As much as we women were taught to distance ourselves from men right from the time of our puberty, men should be taught too to respect women and treat her with dignity from a young age. The problem is in the grass roots, India as a nation is always been reactive towards the issues and never been proactive enough. Our thoughts have got done and dusted as we are always watching what others do and take the back seat comfortably. Our mindset has changed, we do not want to voice what we think and what is right, and if we do then we are called activists. WE are comfortable switching the numerous news channels and updating the latest news and make our way to gossip at our office coffee stands. We love updating our Facebook and twitter status with sympathy messages and wait for the number of likes in it. We love to always pass the blame to the person sitting next to us. Heart attacks always happen to the neighbor right? We as a country love to mourn, and the owners of chart paper and candles stores are more than happy to take that to their advantage and boost their sales. Government tells women to take precautionary measures, may I ask like what? Should we walk with a knife in our hand 24 hours? Should we go with or brothers and fathers to the restroom even which is not spared!! Should we get into an auto keeping the alarm sound out in the open? We women want to live a normal life and not a life of compromise for some ruthless people waiting to eat some flesh.

We do not ask the nation to let us walk in a bikini at 11 pm but let us walk with our dignity at any hour of the day. We don’t need to protest but we need to educate the India of tomorrow, the young India should be taught about values, about gender-diversity and what lies ahead in the future if such things happen in their life. Their minds should be sown with seeds of sisterhood and value for life.  The media should be taught the word sensitivity more and sensation less and what needs to be projected and what not. The TRP’s should not matter at times of heartache and dejection. The only exclusivity the news channels should look to is getting justice for the issues projected.

I can’t stop thinking about the Delhi victim. I have no relation to her except the gender we share in common but, no; I can’t stop thinking of her. What would she be doing?? Cry? Wait for justice? Scared? Scarred? Angry? How I wish I could tell her that being strong is the only option that she has. How I wish I could tell her she has created a pathway for a new India to awaken. How I wish I could tell her that the day she was raped, India was raped as well. How I wish I could tell her that the whole nation is on her side and praying for her to come out of the her own grave that she is been put into, alive. But when will the society come out of the grave that it’s dug itself into, a grave filled with crimes, murders, anger, criminals, mindless politicians, corruption and lack of humanity. How I wish I could tell her that the whole of India just watched her and did nothing for to be safe, I’m sorry my girl for I have let you down just like every other citizen in India has. Is this the reason why the “lady of the law” has blind folded her eyes? It is time she opens those to see what is happening around her, it is time she uses her sword to punish those criminals responsible for this unforgivable act.

It is not about Delhi, it is about India, for women are the nerves that twine the nation together. Oh girl, how do I tell you what has happened to you, for life will never be the same? Oh girl, how do I make you see the world the same way as before? Forgive me, for I have failed with the rest of the country in creating a good India to live in. How do I tell you that the government is still not sure what to do with the animals that caused you this trauma? How do I tell you that it is not just the law that needs to be changed, but the people too? Oh girl, please hang on, and fight. Fight till you see the dawn of the day. Fight till you see the birds fly high. Fight till you see the sunset again. Fight till you see yourself again. For I crave those animals go to their grave. As I lay my eyes on god, oh girl you are all that we got. Oh girl how much weight will u bare, for we use your shoulders to shelter our anguish? How do I live a normal life, for the country is still in dearth for rapes? How do I build my dreams, when the country that seems to fulfill them remains asleep? How do I tell you girl, for it is just not you, but it’s “Mother India” that is been raped as well?

 Oh girl, I can’t stop thinking about you, for tomorrow it could be ME.


4 thoughts on “Poor India..!

  1. Moms have a huge role to play here. It is a mom who can teach her son to really respect a woman n not judge a woman for her clothes or the time she leaves work. It is a mom who can tell her son, dont just parrot words of sympathy, but feel for her and put yourself in her place and try to understand her agony and her pain. I hope many moms realize their potential

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