Two plats…The story of my school days…!


So, this is how it all began… When I was 6 years, I wore my mustard school uniform with a kerchief pinned to it and my Appa proudly left me at the school gate to be escorted by the class miss to my class room. Little did I know that day that this very school would give me my life’s happiest days and unforgettable memories…! YES, I went on to study till my XIIth grade in the same school and this blog is dedicated to MY school, CSI Bain School. I’m sure whoever reading this would think of your school days as well.

Today, as I see kids crossing the road holding each other’s tiny hands.. When I see a group of 13 year old girls discussing about Deepika Padukone’s designer wear gown… When I see a group of 16 year olds talking about the latest crush in their class…. It reminds me of my school days.. The days that lay the foundation for the rest of my life to build on… None of us liked school when we were studying, we craved to go to college and then once in college, we waited to start working and once we worked for couple of years, we all want to “go back to school” again… Life is funny, it makes us want the things we have not liked when we had it and school life is the best example for it.

I still remember those days so vividly… Right from the sweet voices of our school choir echoing from the closed auditorium to the strict yet confident voice of our principal…!! Everything feels so new and fresh even now. Our school had one of the biggest sports ground which is always bustling with activity at any given time of the day. The school ground was where all the fun happened, well almost all! 🙂 From the rehearsals for the sports day to the hush hush talks between friends to the secret puffing away behind the trees (tsk tsk), the Bain’s ground has seen it all…!! 🙂

The most crowded place in the school was, is and always will be the canteen. I still recollect the 2 samosas/cutlet for Rs.5 which tasted absolutely divine J and not to forget the lemon rice and vegetable rice that was served for Rs 10 a plate. We all just loved to crowd there, and eating together meant a lot and that was the foundation for all the friendships that went on to become friendships for life.

The kind of friends who would not judge you if you are in messy clothes, if you are having a bad hair day; the kind of friends who will like you for what you are and not for the social status you have outside the school. The kind of friends who are ready to write your practical’s when you have not completed it. The kind of friends who expect nothing in return for the things you do. The kind of friends who do not judge you by you religion, color and financial status; the kind of friends who are just FRIENDS without expecting benefits; We were all like the color pencils. Each of us was of different colors, but we always stuck to the same box…!

I got my close friends from school. The “Super Seven” that has Saliha Mariam, Vijayalakshmi, Sudha, Sathyapria, Lavanya, Abirami and myself 🙂 ; The “CLP Girls” which was headed by Kadhija that has around 30 girls to its credit 🙂 ;The “4 rowdies” which was very aptly named by our then principal Mrs. James that included Viveka sadhasivam, Khadija Beevi, Saliha Mariam and of course Myself..!! And the groups would go on and on!! 🙂 We were all just FRIENDS…!! Waiting to do something for one another..!!

I learnt the basic principles of life in school just like each one of you. The habit of sharing, giving, trusting one another, staying united. All these were embedded in each of us in school. When I turn back now and see, I for sure can say that school days were the most innocent ones all of us have been. Whether it is love or hatred; jealousy or grouping; we were all ourselves. We never wore a mask to hide our faces which we all do now at different places and to different people. We were so innocent that we almost never knew what it is to be diplomatic. Those days, we were identified as us and who we were and not by the job/degree we have now.

School life was easily the most fun loving days of anybody’s life. The word stress did not exist in our lives. The classes that I bunked in the name of rehearsals and sports day preparations, ah how peaceful life was back then…! Right from the one day excursions to the “Crocodile Park” and “Vandalur zoo” in our Vth grades to the Three day trips to Munnar and Kodaikanal in our Xth and XIIth, it was all too good to be forgotten. I still remember the train journey during the excursion to kodaikanal. MY classmates Vimki Giria and Shalu rathi painted mustaches with black paint on other girl’s faces while they were sleeping and the next day morning they were in for a surprise when they woke up 🙂 Today each of us may have traveled the length and breadth of the world, but im sure you can be honest to yourself and say the school trips were the most fun of it all!! 🙂

Sports day was “THE DAY” of the school. You can see the entire school be divided into five houses namely; Tagore, Sarojini, Nehru, Bharathi and Gandhi. The kind of dedication that went into the detailing of everything was just spectacular. Right form the march past decorations to maintaining the secrecy of our respective dances, it was all so well planned. The number of rehearsals for the March Past, especially under the Sun in Chennai, but not a day did we give up, we kept doing and doing the additions and modifications every day. TEAMWORK began back then; no boss had to induce that in us. There was no Stephen covey training to inject the traits in us, it all came from within. We all JUST DID IT; we did whatever it takes to win!! We were united and were a team and we always remained that way. I belonged to Nehru house and I still have the “Volunteer” badge with me 🙂

How could I forget the teachers!! The back bone of any school; The Bain’s teachers were unique 🙂 Really, ask any Bianite and they will tell you this!! There were teachers who would let us put our hands around their arms and talk like friends and then there are teachers who were too rigid too. The teachers who taught us not just chemistry and economics but all the basic values of life; Teachers who taught us to dream, to be united, to be happy and most of all to be spiritually connected; Teachers who were HERO’s to each of us; They did not just teach us how to count but all taught us what counts most in life!

I still remember my last day at school. A bunch of us wore our school shirt and got autographs from others on the shirt which we flaunted the entire day; it was kinda cool u see 😉 By the way, I still have the shirt, neatly ironed!! That day, is when I realized all of this is over and it cannot come back. That was the day, I knew it was all over too soon before I could realize how much it meant to me. I cried… I cried a lot… I cried hugging the pillars of the school hall. The same pillar that I hugged when I was 6 years old when I said I won’t get into this school.

We cannot go back to our school days but we can always become like one at any given point of time…!! It does not take too much to be like one, just let go of your inhibitions and become urself and you will see how beautiful you actually are, from within. Each of us still have that chubby bubbly kid inside us who we have put to sleep; who, we have sedated with the drugs such as anger, bitching, back biting, money, society status and basically pulling the others down to get to the top. Time to wake her/him up and see the MAGIC she/he can bring to your life. Give a chance and I promise you will not regret!

I end the blog with a stanza of my school song…

“…Have you heard of Bain School? And of our little band?
The best of all the boys and girls on India’s coral strand,
And we’re learning all we can, for our dear Motherland;
May our school live forever and ever…!”


Yours sincerely,

Sharada KS



The raja connection…

There can be hundreds of musicians but there can be only one composer and that is Ilayaraja.

The man who made not just music, but magic for the millions of people around; A Man who made the dead walk again with his Midas touch; A Banyan tree, the more it grows, the more it has to bend for its roots to touch the ground. This reminds me of Raja sir, a man who touched the sky with his humbleness. The more he grew, the more humble he became and that was the biggest strength he had. ( I’m sure some of you would dis agree, but this is my version of him…! The Man who gave life to all the emotions and expressions the human being has. His music was for all seasons and reasons. Without his music, life is nude.

I had this friend who understands no Tamil but would just connect to a Raja sir composition instantly. That’s what his music does to people. It is magnetizing and draws people immaterial of the language it is composed for.

So how it all did began? Well I don’t know but here I’m writing a blog about him with a millions already written in my head. Where do I start and where do I end or should I end it at all…? I have always been fascinated by the magic he twinned with his music that helped a millions live and die at the same time. His music was music to the heart more than to the ears. Each song of his awakened an expression of the soul and kindled the feelings of self.

The journey was Emotional, Physical and Spiritual; well, his music for sure added all these three elements into me. When we have a fight with our mother and want to give up being the daughter/son, “Amma endru azhaikadhe…” just came in time to tell us that there is none like mom. The tune was magical, nostalgic and I wondered how a song, after all a song can bring back the love for a dear one, but then that’s what Raja sir did..!

When a friend betrays you and when you’re devastated and almost broke into pieces, that’s when “Unakkenna mela nindrai…” goes into your soul and reminds you that people will be people and life has to move on and one needs to identify the good and the bad.

When your lover betrays and chose someone else and you are lonely, there was “Unna nenaichen paatu padichen…” that was just perfect and we all thought the Maestro composed that song for us, keeping each of our situations in mind…

When you’re missing your wife and think about her, There is “Sundari kannal oru seidhi…” thjat just kindles the romance irrespective of what age you are in.

Should I even start on the love songs…? Where do I start and more so with which song do I start??? From “Nee oru kaadhal sangeetham..” to “Vaa Vaa anbe anbe..” to “Poomaalaye thol serva…” to “Nee thane yen ponvasantham” to “Edhedho ennam valarthen..” to “En iniya pon nilave…” .. ufffff… the list goes on and on and on… Every song invokes a different mood and it makes u fall in love more and more and more… over and over and over again..

Want to impress a girl? All you need is a guitar and “En iniya pon nialve…” and rest assured, the girl is yours!! Want to feel closer to god…? Play the “Janani Janani…” and his voice along with his music will take you closer to divinity.

From the “Poopookum maasam…” for the rural and the “Oru poongavanam..” for the urban ladies…His songs were made for every person at all levels. There was no differentiation of the poor and rich. No bar for the age. No rich and poor. The rural and the urban; His songs knew no boundaries, no religion. His songs were made for any being that has a soul.

His songs make you crazy; makes you go mad; makes you fall in love with yourself, your family, your lover, your friends, your country, the nature, and most importantly with God. There was a sense of belongingness that once finds in his songs. It turns you upside down. It hits you, it goes through you. Makes you smile; Makes you cry. It makes you experience things about urself u never knew; It is food for your soul.

Instruments were just pieces of metals and wood until he gave life to them through his music. He intelligently twines Carnatic and western in his music catering to all times. A man who could do “Thiruvaasakam” also did “Pudikale maame Padikare College….” What a variation in the style, the genre…GENIUS…

His music has Passion, Celebration, Joy, Happiness, Sadness, Romance, Sensuousness, and Euphoria.  He added life to his songs. Without him, words would have remained just words. There was a time when people stopped listening or I would say people slowed down in listening to Tamil music when Ilayaraja did not compose songs for a brief period of time. And thank god his music is out again… What would life be without his music… That tune…That chord…

His songs were the best thing that makes a tiring day into an energetic one. No matter how we feel, just a song of his is enough to make our day at any hour. There is something in that music, I’m not too sure what that is, its best it remains a mystery, that’s what Raja sir does. His music is a mystery that can never be solved. Even today, the second best thing I tune into for comfort is Ilayaraja music next to my mother’s voice…He did his magic on me just like he did on you… each of you… His songs invoked the soul within us… The word Soul-Stirring was made for his music. His music gave life a new meaning.. No matter how down we are in life, his music just made us get up and take back our life…

As I write this, im humming the song “Ilaya nila …” Uffff… what music… Without him, it would all be just words with sounds… Without his music, life would be just….existence..

Raja…Ilayaraja… The maestro… The composer…The Isaignani… The MAN… Who gave our souls, life…

Thank you, for making our lives a better one..!!



“What do you do…?” When someone asks you this question, what do you tell them? “I’m a Marketing head with an MNC Company?” “I work as an HR for a consulting firm?” What truly defines us? Is it the job that we hold? Who are you without your job? I ask each one of you this question. What is your value minus your designation? Can you put a price to it? So from one company to another as we move up, our price increases, designation changes as well. From marketing Head, now you are the Marketing director and tomorrow you will become the CEO. After that..? When you are 60 and retire, sit at home and look back, how do you identify yourself? By Ur title? “Ex CEO of XXX company” or by your name, “Mr. XXX?”. Your identity comes from within you or from outside? My question is, does your job define or dictate who you are? Who is BIGGER, your job or YOU..?

Ever wondered what happened to those dreams and ambitions of yours that you took an oath to become when you were ten years old..? How many of us have said we wanted to become a Doctor, Pilot, IAS officer, Scientist and well, I’m this close to saying Engineers because at that time Engineering was fashion, now it’s as mundane as high school.

So, when and where exactly did we lose focus from being what we wanted to be to what we are now…? How did the GAP occur? Did education ruin us..? But, we are the ones who decided to study that brought us to what we are today. Did our parents/society influence their thought on us…?

WHAT happened to those dreams we had? WHAT happened to those castles we built in the air? All of us are caught up in the job syndrome and fail to come out of it… Just because my neighbor is doing it, let me also do… BUT, I ask u again, what defines YOU? Is it your job??

When I ask you to dis associate yourself from your job, then what is your value? So your job or the work that you do puts a price on you? But, is it not supposed to be the other way round? When GOD made you, he made you PRICELESS… But WHY do you put a price on yourselves in the name of CTC…?

IF Money was not the objective, would you go to work tomorrow morning…? WHAT IF, god gives you a wish, would you ask for a better job or would you choose to make your dreams come true…?

How many of you have dreams that are still unfulfilled? Dead dreams are like lost souls, they are wandering all around us reminding us that we need to fulfill them one day. Else, they are going to die without being fulfilled. Are your going to let that happen to yourself?

We don’t regret whatever we DID, but we regret whatever we did NOT do… Why regret when life is giving you a chance? Every sun rise is a chance. Every morning is life’s signal to remind that you have another day to do what you want to DO…BUT one day, one sun rise will be the last, but you and I don’t know which day that would be.

As Steve Jobs said, IF today was the last day of your life, would you continue to do what you are about to do…? IF the answer is NO, then its time u HIT that PAUSE button and REWIND to your younger days… Its time you took a good look at your life.

If Harland Sanders did not persue his dream, you and I would not be enjoying a burger at the KFC. HE got his dream fulfilled when he was in is his fifties. If Gandhi did not fulfill his dreams, we would not have the INDIA we have today… DREAMS don’t have an age, but it’s WE who age them as we grow older. IF Narayan Murthy did not give life to his dream, Infosys would not have been born. When Michelangelo sculpted David, he was sculpting his DREAM too. These people’s dreams paved way for a million others to have faith in their own dreams and embark their lives.

DREAMS are RAW, we need to protect them, sculpt them and bring them to life.. WHY can’t we make our dreams a platform for others? WHY can’t we make our dreams change and enhance other’s lives? WHY should we wait for someone else to do that?

DO NOT shut your dreams saying you don’t have time, instead make time for your DREAMS and see the magic that begins. Give life to your dreams and in return it will add more life to you. DO NOT worry about how it would transpire, when you look back, it would have all made perfect sense.

BE a symbol of achievement. Be a symbol of success. Be a dreamer. Do NOT be dreamed out. NOBODY can run out of dreams. DO NOT be afraid to let those dreams come true, WHAT IF god gives you a second chance to relive your life? Would you do the same thing or DARE to do what you’re destined to..? WHO is the most important person in your life? Any idea..? It’s YOU.. Well, WHAT are you doing to make YOU feel happy?

DIG those dreams… open that Pandora Box… Look at those hidden wishes and dreams that are wandering without being fulfilled.. WHAT are you waiting for..? Make the most of NOW.. Make the most of YOU..

Do you like painting the world? Be a Painter. You worship cricket? Be a Sports man. Speed thrills you? Be a Biker. Love the headlines? Be a Journalist. Love  the lime light? Be an Actor. Want to be on our own? Be a Businessman. BE what you want to BE. But WHAT have we become in the influence of other’s thoughts? The ONLY person stopping you from becoming WHAT you want to is YOU.

Don’t wait to grow old to wear purple. Whatever you want to do, do it NOW for there is just one life and oh boy, that sure flies away too quick that you did not notice growing old. Don’t just exist, start living.

So go ahead and DREAM… DREAMS can be small or big, but make sure you dream LONG.. For the longer you dream, the closer you get to achieving it!!

WHAT IF all your dreams come true? WHAT IF you are able to accomplish them? WHAT IF you serve the PURPOSE of your existence? These WHAT IF’s are btter than “WHAT IF i had done what i could to make them come true… ”

When you are at your last day of your life, DO you want to look back at your life and say “WHAT IF…I had done that” or do you want to look back and say “I DID IT…”

So, the next time when someone asks “What do you do…” Tell them “I do whatever it takes…” Tell them.. “I do whatever it takes to make my dream come true…”

Har ek friend zaruri hota hai… ( Ovvoru friend um theva machan..)


No matter which slang u say it in, the feeling remains the same..! Dost.. Nanban.. Machan.. Maama… Buddy…Mate… Bro…Pal… The words convey the same… How do I even begin to describe how it is to have a friend.

When I say FRIENDS, I’m very sure that 7 out of 10 immediately thought about the Tv series. Why? Because of the theme the series revolved around. The crazy things they did in the name of friends. Friends are like mothers, each of us will surely have one. There cant be a soul who will say “I don’t have friends”.. even your enemy has a friend who stands by him/her.

Friends are like shadows, whether u like it or not, they are always there even if its dark, they r there to show u the path. Friends are like the “Hutch” puppies, they follow you even to a place network cant reach. They somehow find you.

Friend is the only relationship in the world that just has no end.. It goes on.. The very reason for me writing this blog is when I was chatting with a bunch of friends over coffee and when one friend was telling about me to someone else and I quote her “U have no idea what this girl (me) has done, even when we were not friends and that’s what made me close to her” and that’s when I realized that I even did those things for her. That’s the power of F’ship, it makes u do things that you would not even do for your lover..! (The friend in discussion is Swapna Ram, one of my very good friends. )

Each of us have a bunch of friends who does the most craziest things for us and ten years later when we look back, we actually think “Oh my god, did I actually do that..!!)That’s what it does to us, pushes us to do things which otherwise we would have never done. Even if we have no strength left in us, when a friend is in crisis, we somehow find a way to help. Each of us have a Rachel or a Joey who makes us go mad yet we just cant seem to live life without them.

Friends are of different types..!! Each of us can relate someone whom we know to one of the categories below..!

The “I know it all” friend… 🙂 well, have you noticed whenever there is a discussion on any topic, this friend always has something to say? From Potato to Politics, they will for sure have their take on it…they make sure they give their say on what they think…!

The “The 2 am friend”… 🙂 well, I’m sure as you read this category, you immediately thought about the one who falls into this type… No matter what hour of the day it is, you can be sure this friend would give you time to listen. Even if you call at 2 am and tell him/her “I’m not sleepy, lets talk”.. Though he/she thinks “What the F***, im sleepy”, they will still l say ”yes mate, what’s up, all ok?” and till you flush out whatever you want to talk, they listen to all your crap patiently.

The “ Me Me” friend…. 🙂 Well, I can think of one who falls into this category!! 🙂 That friend who always wants to talk about him/her and never allows u to talk!! The second you see their number flashing on the phone, you for sure know its going to be about him/her and nobody else…!!

The “over reactive” friend … 🙂 this friend always exaggerates whatever u say or he/she says!! They react hundred times more than they should.. u ask them to act for thousand bucks, they act for a million!! U tell them u fell down the bike and they will circulate a rumour that ppl think ur in the CCU in ur last days..!

The “BBC” friends.. 🙂 These are the one who can’t keep a secret too!! They can’t keep anything to themselves.. They have to tell it to someone otherwise their head will explode.. When u tell them a secret, u can be rest assured they will tell it to someone and also tell that person “don’t tell anyone” 🙂 u just can’t trust them but at the same time u can’t be without sharing anything with them too:)

The “Good for nothing” friend…. 😉 he he he… This friend is a sweet heart but a pain in the wrong place at times…!! When you want an advice and call, they will make sure you are more confused than before. For example, your stuck in a helicopter and don’t know the route to ur destination and you show a placard that says “Where am I”, this friend will show you a placard that says “In a helicopter”.. 🙂

The “Feel good factor” friend… :)!Well, this friend is a must have.. You might not be in regular touch.. You might talk once in couple of weeks/months… But whenever you talk to him/her, you feel soooo good…!! Whenever you are low, you know you will become a bit better when you talk to this person… They for sure make our lives better!!

The “ hi bye” friends… 🙂 this category is aplenty… They are large in numbers but always a pleasure to talk to.. These friends are nice to have… These friends are the ones who interact with you more in the internet than meeting in person!! These friends make sure to wish you on every occasion through out the year.. You can be rest assured, you will get a fwd sms from them 😉

The “Laugh Out Loud” friend… 🙂 This friend will make you laugh the minute they open their mouth.. For some reason, whatever they talk sounds funny… Many of my friends put me into this bucket…! I have a friend too who falls into this.. The minute she starts to talk, I cant help but laugh. I pity her because the topic she would talk would be a serious one but I for a minute cant take her seriously..! Keep these friends close, they add so much humor to the otherwise boring life!

The “Lend me 100 bucks” friend… 🙂 well, these friends are nice people but you always see them asking for money, in small denominations though!! 🙂 Whether in a coffee shop or in a theatre, they always tell you to pay for them.. You cant even ask the money back, but they somehow give it, may be after a couple of months…!

The “Flirtatious” friend… 🙂 I can bet each of you have someone in this type…! They are always flirty, well not towards you… They always seek attention and get to be the centre of attraction wherever you go.. They are the first ones to spot the Hot guy or the chic in a mall.. They are the ones who select a table right next to a hot chic/guy J its fun to be around them…!! 🙂

The “ Dumb ass” friend… 🙂 JOEY is what comes to my mind when I think of dumb… We don’t even take this friend advice.. We don’t ask for one too..! We eliminate him/her from the round table discussions we have. We don’t give him/her the importance they deserve. We don’t take what they say to be true, we make sure to double check with the Google 🙂

The “Break up” friend…. 🙂 This is an interesting type!! We will be like the conjoint twins for a while and when a fight happens, we are worse than enemies and don’t talk for weeks.. And then again we are back together like nothing happened.. !! 🙂

The “Shadow” friend… J This friend is with us all the time… not physically but mentally and emotionally.. We just cant do without them.. Come what may, it’s a must to have them around. We make sure to tell them everything, our darkest secrets and the everyday gossips. They always make sure to say what we like to hear and what we don’t like to as well… Life is just not possible without them…!

Well, if you saw any of your friends in any one of the above types, them your safe, your normal!! J Because, they are all around and everywhere!! J What would life be without them.. !! Friends are like magnets, they just get stuck to you for life…Its only with friends, we are ourselves.. We don’t try to wear a mask or try to be someone else.. We don’t care how we look.. They just don’t judge you at all!!

Whether we are Tall or short.. Fat or Thin…Dark or Fair…Ugly or Pretty… They just don’t judge you… Racism is not in the dictionary of Friendship.. They just love you for what you are… Not for what you are going to become in the future… They are the ones who will pull you up when life gets you down…They are the ones who will kick your butts when your falling short of your goals.. They are the ones to cry with you, laugh with you and do the crap with you.. They are the ones who make you and break you… ! I rather be an IDIOT and have friends then being a GENIUS and die alone…!

Having Friends is Finger lickin’good…!!! So, go on, have more of them and fill ur tummy and heart!! J

Have you not called a friend for a long time? NOW is the time.. PICK UP THAT PHONE AND GIVE THEM A CALL.. To hell with your ego… tell them how much they meant to you..!



The Rat Race….!!!


Now visualize this entire blog as u read through it…!


I thought this has to be the topic for my next blog when I saw a: man eating his breakfast in the car… a woman putting on her make up in the auto on her way to work.. A married woman talking to her mother as she drives to work… The ever workaholic finishing up the ppt for his/her meeting in the car… The music lovers squeezed to the ear phones to get some updates on latest music… The irate lot shouting at an auto trying to over-take him…The road is filled with madness. Let me be more precise, the educated madness.


Every rat is trying to get its piece of the cheese… How else would you expect me to call them..? I draw the comparison because a Rat is always eyeing on the cheese but forgets the trap that the cheese is kept in. Just like all of us do. We run for the cheese but fail to see that the cheese is kept inside a trap. For the love of cheese we are willing to let go of our freedom. Now, you should draw the apparels to what Cheese and freedom can mean to our lives.


When someone says “I love my job”, I immediately ask them, “Do you hug your boss every Monday morning? Or say to yourself “Oh god, why do Mondays exist”. If you fall in the latter, you for sure don’t love your job. If you fall in the former, I suggest you don’t read any further…!


As we rush ourselves through the cluttered traffic and the so called roads (more like a trek trip), we somehow, by hook or crook reach our offices at 9 am sharp. Swipe our I-cards and find our desk and take two minutes to get our breathe back. We say our daily prayers “Uffff, what a relief, I’m safe now. My company exists and so does my job. Thank you god..!” and start our day. You should notice the faces of the people on a Monday morning at work, it’s so pitiful. 


Our eyes first wander to see if our boss has come, If no, then our day is made; well the rat is let loose when the cat is on leave, isn’t it? But if our boss has come, then the chitti in us comes to action. (Those of you, who know cinema and Rajnikanth, should know who “chitti” is).


The otherwise fun loving, powerful, aggressive person turns into a RAT… We go with the only weapon we got, out smile and say “Good morning XXX”, and the boss says “Yes, XXX what happened to that MIS report I asked you, I need it by 10 am” Well, we immediately reply “In ten mins”  but our mind says (What a !@##@, do I have to pay for her/him to smile). If you notice, during our office hours, there are always two voices talking. One from our mouth and one in our mind and we all know which one is true 😉


We sheepishly open the Facebook and give a glance and post a status (MY condolences to those who have no access to FB at work) and get back to that MIS the boss was asking. As the day progresses, we wait for the clock to strike 11 am and it’s Tea Break. As we gather at the cafeteria to discuss on how the weekend shaped out and what movies are good and which restaurant is worth eating and by this time, the bell rings and we need to get back to work again.


We look at the clock and its 12 noon and we look again and its 12.05 pm but it seems like it’s already been hours. The lunch bell rings (well, in our minds) and we gather with our dabba’s our wives/mothers have sweetly packed for us. (Read sweetly as dutifully). With the exchanging of gossips along with the lunches, we try to make time to send a standard template sms to our spouse “hi, just had lunch, been busy with meetings…” and get on with our work.


It’s 2 pm and a mail pops up and when we see the “From mail id” as our boss, we know it’s either a deadline to complete or a meeting. So we open the mail just hoping the subject reads “Hi, I’m out of office for a week and will be back next Monday..” but then it actually reads “lets meet up for a quick meeting on how this week looks” and we  know things are normal without any subject to change.

Its meeting time, the boss puts up the numbers on the board with columns making absolutely no sense. Our mind is simultaneously thinking “Why did I ever do my engineering/MBA?” “Is there an easy way to death than a meeting?” “Why does he/she say the same thing every week for the last one year and every time she/he says, he/she makes it sound like the first time” “Plzz find a way to sleep with my eyes open” but our mouth says “Absolutely, we will nail it this week. This project is ours. The deadline is limited so let’s work quicker”, again you know which voice is the true one 🙂 The worst thing about working is hearing those corporate jargons the whole day. It’s like English does not exist anymore and soon become extinct.  The one that gets to me is “Let’s think out of the box”; I mean how BIG this BOX is? There are millions who are thinking “Outside the box” that it looks like garbage outside. The other close competitors for the worst jargons would be “That won’t fly” “Reinvent the wheel” and “Take to the project as a Duck to water”.

During the 4 pm Tea-Time is when the Office politics come into light. “Hey did you know, XXX is going around with her boss?” “Hey that guy in my team is getting paid more than me” “What’s with this new lady who is joined, she dresses to kill, well literally?” “Did you know, they are planning to fire that person coz of underperformance, let’s all be prepared”… and so on and get back to our respective seats.


After great pushing and yawning, we someone reach the 6 pm timeline. What a relief, another day of survival in the corporate world. While the married woman rush to reach home to start the cooking and to be with their kids. The bachelor lot stays back and uses the office internet to their advantage. Did I miss something? Oh yeah the “Married Men”, well let’s just say they leave office depending on how their marriage is shaping up… 😉

So, guys if you pictured urself at any point of time in the above blog, then “Welcome to the Rat Race”… 🙂 Bhaag Bhaag… Till you find your cheese…! 🙂

If someone gave us a suggestion to look beyond the Rat Race, we find it bizarre and not worth it because we are so conditioned to do what million other are doing. But remember, success always lies with the minority. It’s about changing our thought pattern; it’s about finding the road less travelled. It’s about that one millimeter shift to move from MASS to CLASS. The question is, are YOU willing to do it or be a RAT all your life?





.. Being a Tam Bram part II

..And once they get into the car and drive home, the gossips start. When the Groom’s mother says “nalla madhiri iruka, ponnu dhan konjam modern a teriyara..”* and the “BOY” being Amma’s boy immediately responds (Tambram boys are always Amma’s boy, PERIOD.. so please don’t even bother changing it) “Amam ma, aana kalyanathuku apparam maridiva..* (U mean from human to a robot?) .. As this goes on in the car, back at the girl’s house the gossips are ever more detailed..”Amma, he looks so traditional, look at his viboothi* and im not too sure if we shd go forward, I would like to meet him again and understand him better (yeah that’s how love blooms sweet heart) says the girl but her dad is quick to react.. “Adhellam onnum illai, kalyanam aana seri pannidelam* (what seri pannidelam, uve been saying this dialogue about the tube light in our house for 10 years and it’s still not alright).. nalla kudumbam, nalla sambadhikeran* (Yeah, that’s more like it, now ur talking dad..!)… And the Athai screams… “eppo date paarkelam, seekirum paaru da, neraiyya velai iruku…”* ( yeah right, im sure u have loads of work athai, selecting ur sarees and matching clips/bangles and flowers to it..!! and the chithi adds to the fuel “Aamam anna, mandapam kedaikarthu, paiyyan kedaikartha vida kashtam..”* (Yeah true, coz so many other joker families have booked it too, so we are in queue…). And the amma says “Let her decide, it is her life”.. Ah, no wonder mothers are mother’s..!!

After all this tamasha and gossips, comes the next part.. Informing the world about it! Tambrams have a unique knack of spreading information; It is so powerful that it’s high time they copyright it. The athai’s are always the loud speaker at any Tam-Bram family. They are the official reporters of TBC (Tam Bram Channel). The minute the alliance is fixed, the news travels faster than light. From the mama’s and chithappa’s in aminjikarai to the cousins working their butts off in America for a flew $, everybody is informed that there is a wedding in the family. Don’t get carried away by these US Tambrams, all they gift is a T-shirt that looks more like five for a dollar kind and in all probability would have got manufactured in tirupur and yes not to forget the ten Hershey’s mini chocolates per family.

The girl’s family is busy scooting around for the mandapams from adyar to annanagar, from Mylapore to Mandaveli. Just one small condition, It has to be reasonable but should accommodate the size of a cricket stadium. That’s right; Tam-Brams are big hearted people. They invite every human they knew from the time they were born. Suddenly everybody become a relative. “Appa, I have not even heard of this Rajalakshmi maami before, why is her name on the list” asks the girl. The Appa is quick to respond.. “Illai kondhai, she is the mother of chellappa mama who is the ammanji of raman who is the co-brother of ambi who is the brother of lalli chithi who is my cousin”.. (WHAT?!?! I need oxygen, pls!! I’m running out of breath here and a rope too…)

A wedding is the time, where all the various relatives come together’ (read together as the ones in a parliament) in the Tam Bram household. It becomes a mini assembly of its own. With everybody voicing their opinions and suggestions, a decision is never taken alone. The influence of a mama or an athai is always there. PERIOD. The paati of the girl (Read it as Father’s mother) makes sure every relative of her age is invited (D or A) and nobody is left out, if we do, it becomes a national news.

Well I can go on and on an on about Tam Brams , but now that u read the two blogs im sure u got a fair idea about what we are 🙂 so next time when u see a Mr/Ms subramanian or a Narayanan or a Ramakrishnan, plzzz give a smile 🙂 🙂

English translations

1.“nalla madhiri iruka, ponnu dhan konjam modern a teriyara..” – Nice family but the girl looks a bit modern

2. “Amam ma, aana kalyanathuku apparam maridiva..” True mom, she will change after marrying me

3. “viboothi pattai” – Holy ash on ur forehead

4. “Adhellam onnum ille, kalyanam aana seri pannidelam” – Nothing like that dear, we will make him alright.

5. “nalla kudumbam, nalla sambadhikeran” – good family, he earns good dough.

6. “eppo date paakelam , seekirum paaru da, neraiyya velai iruku…” – When do we see the date for the wedding? There is so much work I have to do.

7. “Aamam anna, mandapam kedaikarthu, paiyyan kedaikartha vida kashtam..” – Yeah bro, getting a mandap is more challenging than getting a groom.

Being a Tam-Bram…!!!

Aathule ellarum epdi iruka…?

Well, being a Tam-Bram, I had to start it this way eh 🙂 I dint know that being a Tam-Bram is a cult until I was told otherwise!! I mean, all my friends raise their eyebrows and give that small wicked smile when they know I’m a Tam-Bram and I wonder if that’s good or bad!

Whenever I read a name that ends with a Subramanian or a Narayanan, it brings a smile on my face and that’s the power of the Tam-bramism on me!

If you are a Tam-Bram and you’re single, you are the most pitiful and disaster-prone soul on mother earth…!! The chances of getting killed by a maami in a social function are higher than getting killed by a raccoon. It’s better to stay put indoors rather than put urself in Hall-Of-Shame going outside. The minute they see you, it’s like this tiger waiting to get to his prey. They pounce on you and attack you with the same set of questions. 1. Eppo kalyanam pannika pore? 2. Unaku vayasaindu iruku, apparam paiyyan kedaikarthu kashtam.3. U.S poi settle aiden. 4. Aathule amma appaku oru periya relief irukum illiya…!

What?!? Since when, I became a mobile candidate? These standard set of questions are mostly from maami’s whose son/ daughter is either single or ran away with non Tam-bram person, and they vent out all their parental frustrations on us.

Even if you dont nod your yes, they will make you nod with the emotional drama and tears and the whole Tamil serial episode funda. The next is to find a boy.

A typical Tam-Bram matrimony reads as this:
“Seeking a boy (yeah, he is yet to complete his school) between 28-30 years of age, fair and handsome (no, not the cream) who is a minimum B.E and an MS who is well paid (like, 1 million $?). Please apply (huh,? U mean I need to apply for a husband post in ur family?) to this mail id..”

Tam-Brams consider working for someone else to be a noble profession. If you own a business, there is something wrong with your ethos. They will do a background check to see what kind of business you do and if it is legal!

Well after this tamasha comes the matching of horrorscopes (No, it is not a typo). Where all your stars have to be in the wrong positions facing different directions to be matched with the boy’s..!

The next logical (well according to THEM, this is logical). The BOY comes to the girl’s house with his parents to check how the girl is. Can she walk, talk, Walk and talk and so on.. With the free Bajji and Bonda and not to forget the Filter Kaapi, they analyze and note how the girl behaves, how she talks. Then the boy seeks permission from his parents (well, I said, he is a boy…!) to talk to the girl in private ( please read private as the chithi and athai over hearing what you talk from the kitchen). The boy asks, “Did you say ok to get married or your parents forced you..” (well, a goat is not asked for permission before being butchered, isn’t? ), and the girl replies “no no, enakum equally interest iruku!…” and before its time for the next question, the girl’s father enters and says “make urself comfortable Mr. XXX, feel at home”, ( yeah sure, can u close the door please), and the nice “BOY” that he is, politely says “Sure mama”.

Once the girl and boy agree to marry and put all the blames on each other for all their mistakes for eternity, there are greetings sparkling all over the place “ Romba sandhosham mama, enaku indha madhiri kudumbathule paiyyan kidachadhuku romba bagyam pannirkanum” and then the sweets are distributed and the boy’s family go home happily ever after.

P.S – more to continue in my next blog!