Celebrating life!

Celebrating life!


Well, as the clock struck 12, there were New Year wishes pouring in from every possible form of communication. Wishes came in from mobile; telephone, emails, sms and the fastest communication of it all, the mouth!

As people around me kept saying “Happy New Year” I had a flashback of my year in front of me to see what was new and what was happy about it. The days when I hated my life and the days when I could not stop thanking god for whatever I had. With the newspapers flashing New Year parties from Rs.5999 to Rs. 49999 per couple. Resolutions taken and broken every year religiously. But, a new year for me can happen at any day of the year, it could be in June, August or April. How..? Some way wonder. New Year for me is when you do anything new in life and feel a sense of achievement from doing it. What’s good a new year, if there is nothing new or happy about it? if your dog died on the 30th December? If you are fired from your work? If your loved one is unwell? If u had a break up? If you have to do the same thing you have been doing all year through? What’s good a new year if you have not done anything new that day?

I ask people on the 1st of the year what are they happy about what they did on the 31st that they celebrate it. They answer is simple and mundane, “Tomorrow is the 1st of the New Year and we are welcoming it just like anybody else”. I ask, why do, what everybody else is doing? Go for a party in mid-September if you feel you are happy about life! Celebrate a new year when you accomplished something in your life, it could be as small as helping a blind cross a road or changing the laws of the country.

What is a new year, if we have added no value to ourselves? What is the point celebrating when there is nothing that has changed about our life? Why are we celebrating just because everybody else is? I’m not saying sit at home and mourn, but all I’m saying is why don’t we celebrate everyday as a new year, as a new beginning..? Why do we crib, cry, curse and cremate the goodness in us the whole year through and celebrate just one day of the year? Why don’t we be thankful every day for what we have and for what we are!

Let’s celebrate that we are one of the few who have a roof above us, clothes that cover us, food inside us and air around us! Let’s celebrate that we are one of the few who can even read this blog! Let’s celebrate that we are the few who are not the ones going through a turbulent time like others. Let’s celebrate that we are from a family that gave us what we are today! Let’s celebrate that we have parents, wife/husband, kids who love us more than anyone else. Let’s celebrate that we are in India than anywhere else in the world. Let’s celebrate that we have friends. Let’s celebrate that we are not alone. Let’s celebrate the fact that we all are winners as we won the biggest race of our lives over a million other sperms to get inside our mother’s womb. Let’s celebrate that we are what we are and not anybody else.


Let’s celebrate life everyday..! Let’s celebrate that god chose us to do something good to others. Let’s celebrate that we are humans and not anything else. Let’s not wait for the 31st of every December to celebrate life. Let’s start today, let’s start NOW!


GET UP and celebrate, for you are alive..!!


P.S – Now, this blog would not be as cliched as it is, if people were not too…!! 😉


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