The Rat Race….!!!


Now visualize this entire blog as u read through it…!


I thought this has to be the topic for my next blog when I saw a: man eating his breakfast in the car… a woman putting on her make up in the auto on her way to work.. A married woman talking to her mother as she drives to work… The ever workaholic finishing up the ppt for his/her meeting in the car… The music lovers squeezed to the ear phones to get some updates on latest music… The irate lot shouting at an auto trying to over-take him…The road is filled with madness. Let me be more precise, the educated madness.


Every rat is trying to get its piece of the cheese… How else would you expect me to call them..? I draw the comparison because a Rat is always eyeing on the cheese but forgets the trap that the cheese is kept in. Just like all of us do. We run for the cheese but fail to see that the cheese is kept inside a trap. For the love of cheese we are willing to let go of our freedom. Now, you should draw the apparels to what Cheese and freedom can mean to our lives.


When someone says “I love my job”, I immediately ask them, “Do you hug your boss every Monday morning? Or say to yourself “Oh god, why do Mondays exist”. If you fall in the latter, you for sure don’t love your job. If you fall in the former, I suggest you don’t read any further…!


As we rush ourselves through the cluttered traffic and the so called roads (more like a trek trip), we somehow, by hook or crook reach our offices at 9 am sharp. Swipe our I-cards and find our desk and take two minutes to get our breathe back. We say our daily prayers “Uffff, what a relief, I’m safe now. My company exists and so does my job. Thank you god..!” and start our day. You should notice the faces of the people on a Monday morning at work, it’s so pitiful. 


Our eyes first wander to see if our boss has come, If no, then our day is made; well the rat is let loose when the cat is on leave, isn’t it? But if our boss has come, then the chitti in us comes to action. (Those of you, who know cinema and Rajnikanth, should know who “chitti” is).


The otherwise fun loving, powerful, aggressive person turns into a RAT… We go with the only weapon we got, out smile and say “Good morning XXX”, and the boss says “Yes, XXX what happened to that MIS report I asked you, I need it by 10 am” Well, we immediately reply “In ten mins”  but our mind says (What a !@##@, do I have to pay for her/him to smile). If you notice, during our office hours, there are always two voices talking. One from our mouth and one in our mind and we all know which one is true 😉


We sheepishly open the Facebook and give a glance and post a status (MY condolences to those who have no access to FB at work) and get back to that MIS the boss was asking. As the day progresses, we wait for the clock to strike 11 am and it’s Tea Break. As we gather at the cafeteria to discuss on how the weekend shaped out and what movies are good and which restaurant is worth eating and by this time, the bell rings and we need to get back to work again.


We look at the clock and its 12 noon and we look again and its 12.05 pm but it seems like it’s already been hours. The lunch bell rings (well, in our minds) and we gather with our dabba’s our wives/mothers have sweetly packed for us. (Read sweetly as dutifully). With the exchanging of gossips along with the lunches, we try to make time to send a standard template sms to our spouse “hi, just had lunch, been busy with meetings…” and get on with our work.


It’s 2 pm and a mail pops up and when we see the “From mail id” as our boss, we know it’s either a deadline to complete or a meeting. So we open the mail just hoping the subject reads “Hi, I’m out of office for a week and will be back next Monday..” but then it actually reads “lets meet up for a quick meeting on how this week looks” and we  know things are normal without any subject to change.

Its meeting time, the boss puts up the numbers on the board with columns making absolutely no sense. Our mind is simultaneously thinking “Why did I ever do my engineering/MBA?” “Is there an easy way to death than a meeting?” “Why does he/she say the same thing every week for the last one year and every time she/he says, he/she makes it sound like the first time” “Plzz find a way to sleep with my eyes open” but our mouth says “Absolutely, we will nail it this week. This project is ours. The deadline is limited so let’s work quicker”, again you know which voice is the true one 🙂 The worst thing about working is hearing those corporate jargons the whole day. It’s like English does not exist anymore and soon become extinct.  The one that gets to me is “Let’s think out of the box”; I mean how BIG this BOX is? There are millions who are thinking “Outside the box” that it looks like garbage outside. The other close competitors for the worst jargons would be “That won’t fly” “Reinvent the wheel” and “Take to the project as a Duck to water”.

During the 4 pm Tea-Time is when the Office politics come into light. “Hey did you know, XXX is going around with her boss?” “Hey that guy in my team is getting paid more than me” “What’s with this new lady who is joined, she dresses to kill, well literally?” “Did you know, they are planning to fire that person coz of underperformance, let’s all be prepared”… and so on and get back to our respective seats.


After great pushing and yawning, we someone reach the 6 pm timeline. What a relief, another day of survival in the corporate world. While the married woman rush to reach home to start the cooking and to be with their kids. The bachelor lot stays back and uses the office internet to their advantage. Did I miss something? Oh yeah the “Married Men”, well let’s just say they leave office depending on how their marriage is shaping up… 😉

So, guys if you pictured urself at any point of time in the above blog, then “Welcome to the Rat Race”… 🙂 Bhaag Bhaag… Till you find your cheese…! 🙂

If someone gave us a suggestion to look beyond the Rat Race, we find it bizarre and not worth it because we are so conditioned to do what million other are doing. But remember, success always lies with the minority. It’s about changing our thought pattern; it’s about finding the road less travelled. It’s about that one millimeter shift to move from MASS to CLASS. The question is, are YOU willing to do it or be a RAT all your life?






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