Har ek friend zaruri hota hai… ( Ovvoru friend um theva machan..)


No matter which slang u say it in, the feeling remains the same..! Dost.. Nanban.. Machan.. Maama… Buddy…Mate… Bro…Pal… The words convey the same… How do I even begin to describe how it is to have a friend.

When I say FRIENDS, I’m very sure that 7 out of 10 immediately thought about the Tv series. Why? Because of the theme the series revolved around. The crazy things they did in the name of friends. Friends are like mothers, each of us will surely have one. There cant be a soul who will say “I don’t have friends”.. even your enemy has a friend who stands by him/her.

Friends are like shadows, whether u like it or not, they are always there even if its dark, they r there to show u the path. Friends are like the “Hutch” puppies, they follow you even to a place network cant reach. They somehow find you.

Friend is the only relationship in the world that just has no end.. It goes on.. The very reason for me writing this blog is when I was chatting with a bunch of friends over coffee and when one friend was telling about me to someone else and I quote her “U have no idea what this girl (me) has done, even when we were not friends and that’s what made me close to her” and that’s when I realized that I even did those things for her. That’s the power of F’ship, it makes u do things that you would not even do for your lover..! (The friend in discussion is Swapna Ram, one of my very good friends. )

Each of us have a bunch of friends who does the most craziest things for us and ten years later when we look back, we actually think “Oh my god, did I actually do that..!!)That’s what it does to us, pushes us to do things which otherwise we would have never done. Even if we have no strength left in us, when a friend is in crisis, we somehow find a way to help. Each of us have a Rachel or a Joey who makes us go mad yet we just cant seem to live life without them.

Friends are of different types..!! Each of us can relate someone whom we know to one of the categories below..!

The “I know it all” friend… 🙂 well, have you noticed whenever there is a discussion on any topic, this friend always has something to say? From Potato to Politics, they will for sure have their take on it…they make sure they give their say on what they think…!

The “The 2 am friend”… 🙂 well, I’m sure as you read this category, you immediately thought about the one who falls into this type… No matter what hour of the day it is, you can be sure this friend would give you time to listen. Even if you call at 2 am and tell him/her “I’m not sleepy, lets talk”.. Though he/she thinks “What the F***, im sleepy”, they will still l say ”yes mate, what’s up, all ok?” and till you flush out whatever you want to talk, they listen to all your crap patiently.

The “ Me Me” friend…. 🙂 Well, I can think of one who falls into this category!! 🙂 That friend who always wants to talk about him/her and never allows u to talk!! The second you see their number flashing on the phone, you for sure know its going to be about him/her and nobody else…!!

The “over reactive” friend … 🙂 this friend always exaggerates whatever u say or he/she says!! They react hundred times more than they should.. u ask them to act for thousand bucks, they act for a million!! U tell them u fell down the bike and they will circulate a rumour that ppl think ur in the CCU in ur last days..!

The “BBC” friends.. 🙂 These are the one who can’t keep a secret too!! They can’t keep anything to themselves.. They have to tell it to someone otherwise their head will explode.. When u tell them a secret, u can be rest assured they will tell it to someone and also tell that person “don’t tell anyone” 🙂 u just can’t trust them but at the same time u can’t be without sharing anything with them too:)

The “Good for nothing” friend…. 😉 he he he… This friend is a sweet heart but a pain in the wrong place at times…!! When you want an advice and call, they will make sure you are more confused than before. For example, your stuck in a helicopter and don’t know the route to ur destination and you show a placard that says “Where am I”, this friend will show you a placard that says “In a helicopter”.. 🙂

The “Feel good factor” friend… :)!Well, this friend is a must have.. You might not be in regular touch.. You might talk once in couple of weeks/months… But whenever you talk to him/her, you feel soooo good…!! Whenever you are low, you know you will become a bit better when you talk to this person… They for sure make our lives better!!

The “ hi bye” friends… 🙂 this category is aplenty… They are large in numbers but always a pleasure to talk to.. These friends are nice to have… These friends are the ones who interact with you more in the internet than meeting in person!! These friends make sure to wish you on every occasion through out the year.. You can be rest assured, you will get a fwd sms from them 😉

The “Laugh Out Loud” friend… 🙂 This friend will make you laugh the minute they open their mouth.. For some reason, whatever they talk sounds funny… Many of my friends put me into this bucket…! I have a friend too who falls into this.. The minute she starts to talk, I cant help but laugh. I pity her because the topic she would talk would be a serious one but I for a minute cant take her seriously..! Keep these friends close, they add so much humor to the otherwise boring life!

The “Lend me 100 bucks” friend… 🙂 well, these friends are nice people but you always see them asking for money, in small denominations though!! 🙂 Whether in a coffee shop or in a theatre, they always tell you to pay for them.. You cant even ask the money back, but they somehow give it, may be after a couple of months…!

The “Flirtatious” friend… 🙂 I can bet each of you have someone in this type…! They are always flirty, well not towards you… They always seek attention and get to be the centre of attraction wherever you go.. They are the first ones to spot the Hot guy or the chic in a mall.. They are the ones who select a table right next to a hot chic/guy J its fun to be around them…!! 🙂

The “ Dumb ass” friend… 🙂 JOEY is what comes to my mind when I think of dumb… We don’t even take this friend advice.. We don’t ask for one too..! We eliminate him/her from the round table discussions we have. We don’t give him/her the importance they deserve. We don’t take what they say to be true, we make sure to double check with the Google 🙂

The “Break up” friend…. 🙂 This is an interesting type!! We will be like the conjoint twins for a while and when a fight happens, we are worse than enemies and don’t talk for weeks.. And then again we are back together like nothing happened.. !! 🙂

The “Shadow” friend… J This friend is with us all the time… not physically but mentally and emotionally.. We just cant do without them.. Come what may, it’s a must to have them around. We make sure to tell them everything, our darkest secrets and the everyday gossips. They always make sure to say what we like to hear and what we don’t like to as well… Life is just not possible without them…!

Well, if you saw any of your friends in any one of the above types, them your safe, your normal!! J Because, they are all around and everywhere!! J What would life be without them.. !! Friends are like magnets, they just get stuck to you for life…Its only with friends, we are ourselves.. We don’t try to wear a mask or try to be someone else.. We don’t care how we look.. They just don’t judge you at all!!

Whether we are Tall or short.. Fat or Thin…Dark or Fair…Ugly or Pretty… They just don’t judge you… Racism is not in the dictionary of Friendship.. They just love you for what you are… Not for what you are going to become in the future… They are the ones who will pull you up when life gets you down…They are the ones who will kick your butts when your falling short of your goals.. They are the ones to cry with you, laugh with you and do the crap with you.. They are the ones who make you and break you… ! I rather be an IDIOT and have friends then being a GENIUS and die alone…!

Having Friends is Finger lickin’good…!!! So, go on, have more of them and fill ur tummy and heart!! J

Have you not called a friend for a long time? NOW is the time.. PICK UP THAT PHONE AND GIVE THEM A CALL.. To hell with your ego… tell them how much they meant to you..!


3 thoughts on “Har ek friend zaruri hota hai… ( Ovvoru friend um theva machan..)

  1. Lol.. Good list… But wondering are there really categories when it comes to friends…. Aren’t they ‘just’ friends..


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