“What do you do…?” When someone asks you this question, what do you tell them? “I’m a Marketing head with an MNC Company?” “I work as an HR for a consulting firm?” What truly defines us? Is it the job that we hold? Who are you without your job? I ask each one of you this question. What is your value minus your designation? Can you put a price to it? So from one company to another as we move up, our price increases, designation changes as well. From marketing Head, now you are the Marketing director and tomorrow you will become the CEO. After that..? When you are 60 and retire, sit at home and look back, how do you identify yourself? By Ur title? “Ex CEO of XXX company” or by your name, “Mr. XXX?”. Your identity comes from within you or from outside? My question is, does your job define or dictate who you are? Who is BIGGER, your job or YOU..?

Ever wondered what happened to those dreams and ambitions of yours that you took an oath to become when you were ten years old..? How many of us have said we wanted to become a Doctor, Pilot, IAS officer, Scientist and well, I’m this close to saying Engineers because at that time Engineering was fashion, now it’s as mundane as high school.

So, when and where exactly did we lose focus from being what we wanted to be to what we are now…? How did the GAP occur? Did education ruin us..? But, we are the ones who decided to study that brought us to what we are today. Did our parents/society influence their thought on us…?

WHAT happened to those dreams we had? WHAT happened to those castles we built in the air? All of us are caught up in the job syndrome and fail to come out of it… Just because my neighbor is doing it, let me also do… BUT, I ask u again, what defines YOU? Is it your job??

When I ask you to dis associate yourself from your job, then what is your value? So your job or the work that you do puts a price on you? But, is it not supposed to be the other way round? When GOD made you, he made you PRICELESS… But WHY do you put a price on yourselves in the name of CTC…?

IF Money was not the objective, would you go to work tomorrow morning…? WHAT IF, god gives you a wish, would you ask for a better job or would you choose to make your dreams come true…?

How many of you have dreams that are still unfulfilled? Dead dreams are like lost souls, they are wandering all around us reminding us that we need to fulfill them one day. Else, they are going to die without being fulfilled. Are your going to let that happen to yourself?

We don’t regret whatever we DID, but we regret whatever we did NOT do… Why regret when life is giving you a chance? Every sun rise is a chance. Every morning is life’s signal to remind that you have another day to do what you want to DO…BUT one day, one sun rise will be the last, but you and I don’t know which day that would be.

As Steve Jobs said, IF today was the last day of your life, would you continue to do what you are about to do…? IF the answer is NO, then its time u HIT that PAUSE button and REWIND to your younger days… Its time you took a good look at your life.

If Harland Sanders did not persue his dream, you and I would not be enjoying a burger at the KFC. HE got his dream fulfilled when he was in is his fifties. If Gandhi did not fulfill his dreams, we would not have the INDIA we have today… DREAMS don’t have an age, but it’s WE who age them as we grow older. IF Narayan Murthy did not give life to his dream, Infosys would not have been born. When Michelangelo sculpted David, he was sculpting his DREAM too. These people’s dreams paved way for a million others to have faith in their own dreams and embark their lives.

DREAMS are RAW, we need to protect them, sculpt them and bring them to life.. WHY can’t we make our dreams a platform for others? WHY can’t we make our dreams change and enhance other’s lives? WHY should we wait for someone else to do that?

DO NOT shut your dreams saying you don’t have time, instead make time for your DREAMS and see the magic that begins. Give life to your dreams and in return it will add more life to you. DO NOT worry about how it would transpire, when you look back, it would have all made perfect sense.

BE a symbol of achievement. Be a symbol of success. Be a dreamer. Do NOT be dreamed out. NOBODY can run out of dreams. DO NOT be afraid to let those dreams come true, WHAT IF god gives you a second chance to relive your life? Would you do the same thing or DARE to do what you’re destined to..? WHO is the most important person in your life? Any idea..? It’s YOU.. Well, WHAT are you doing to make YOU feel happy?

DIG those dreams… open that Pandora Box… Look at those hidden wishes and dreams that are wandering without being fulfilled.. WHAT are you waiting for..? Make the most of NOW.. Make the most of YOU..

Do you like painting the world? Be a Painter. You worship cricket? Be a Sports man. Speed thrills you? Be a Biker. Love the headlines? Be a Journalist. Love  the lime light? Be an Actor. Want to be on our own? Be a Businessman. BE what you want to BE. But WHAT have we become in the influence of other’s thoughts? The ONLY person stopping you from becoming WHAT you want to is YOU.

Don’t wait to grow old to wear purple. Whatever you want to do, do it NOW for there is just one life and oh boy, that sure flies away too quick that you did not notice growing old. Don’t just exist, start living.

So go ahead and DREAM… DREAMS can be small or big, but make sure you dream LONG.. For the longer you dream, the closer you get to achieving it!!

WHAT IF all your dreams come true? WHAT IF you are able to accomplish them? WHAT IF you serve the PURPOSE of your existence? These WHAT IF’s are btter than “WHAT IF i had done what i could to make them come true… ”

When you are at your last day of your life, DO you want to look back at your life and say “WHAT IF…I had done that” or do you want to look back and say “I DID IT…”

So, the next time when someone asks “What do you do…” Tell them “I do whatever it takes…” Tell them.. “I do whatever it takes to make my dream come true…”



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