The raja connection…

There can be hundreds of musicians but there can be only one composer and that is Ilayaraja.

The man who made not just music, but magic for the millions of people around; A Man who made the dead walk again with his Midas touch; A Banyan tree, the more it grows, the more it has to bend for its roots to touch the ground. This reminds me of Raja sir, a man who touched the sky with his humbleness. The more he grew, the more humble he became and that was the biggest strength he had. ( I’m sure some of you would dis agree, but this is my version of him…! The Man who gave life to all the emotions and expressions the human being has. His music was for all seasons and reasons. Without his music, life is nude.

I had this friend who understands no Tamil but would just connect to a Raja sir composition instantly. That’s what his music does to people. It is magnetizing and draws people immaterial of the language it is composed for.

So how it all did began? Well I don’t know but here I’m writing a blog about him with a millions already written in my head. Where do I start and where do I end or should I end it at all…? I have always been fascinated by the magic he twinned with his music that helped a millions live and die at the same time. His music was music to the heart more than to the ears. Each song of his awakened an expression of the soul and kindled the feelings of self.

The journey was Emotional, Physical and Spiritual; well, his music for sure added all these three elements into me. When we have a fight with our mother and want to give up being the daughter/son, “Amma endru azhaikadhe…” just came in time to tell us that there is none like mom. The tune was magical, nostalgic and I wondered how a song, after all a song can bring back the love for a dear one, but then that’s what Raja sir did..!

When a friend betrays you and when you’re devastated and almost broke into pieces, that’s when “Unakkenna mela nindrai…” goes into your soul and reminds you that people will be people and life has to move on and one needs to identify the good and the bad.

When your lover betrays and chose someone else and you are lonely, there was “Unna nenaichen paatu padichen…” that was just perfect and we all thought the Maestro composed that song for us, keeping each of our situations in mind…

When you’re missing your wife and think about her, There is “Sundari kannal oru seidhi…” thjat just kindles the romance irrespective of what age you are in.

Should I even start on the love songs…? Where do I start and more so with which song do I start??? From “Nee oru kaadhal sangeetham..” to “Vaa Vaa anbe anbe..” to “Poomaalaye thol serva…” to “Nee thane yen ponvasantham” to “Edhedho ennam valarthen..” to “En iniya pon nilave…” .. ufffff… the list goes on and on and on… Every song invokes a different mood and it makes u fall in love more and more and more… over and over and over again..

Want to impress a girl? All you need is a guitar and “En iniya pon nialve…” and rest assured, the girl is yours!! Want to feel closer to god…? Play the “Janani Janani…” and his voice along with his music will take you closer to divinity.

From the “Poopookum maasam…” for the rural and the “Oru poongavanam..” for the urban ladies…His songs were made for every person at all levels. There was no differentiation of the poor and rich. No bar for the age. No rich and poor. The rural and the urban; His songs knew no boundaries, no religion. His songs were made for any being that has a soul.

His songs make you crazy; makes you go mad; makes you fall in love with yourself, your family, your lover, your friends, your country, the nature, and most importantly with God. There was a sense of belongingness that once finds in his songs. It turns you upside down. It hits you, it goes through you. Makes you smile; Makes you cry. It makes you experience things about urself u never knew; It is food for your soul.

Instruments were just pieces of metals and wood until he gave life to them through his music. He intelligently twines Carnatic and western in his music catering to all times. A man who could do “Thiruvaasakam” also did “Pudikale maame Padikare College….” What a variation in the style, the genre…GENIUS…

His music has Passion, Celebration, Joy, Happiness, Sadness, Romance, Sensuousness, and Euphoria.  He added life to his songs. Without him, words would have remained just words. There was a time when people stopped listening or I would say people slowed down in listening to Tamil music when Ilayaraja did not compose songs for a brief period of time. And thank god his music is out again… What would life be without his music… That tune…That chord…

His songs were the best thing that makes a tiring day into an energetic one. No matter how we feel, just a song of his is enough to make our day at any hour. There is something in that music, I’m not too sure what that is, its best it remains a mystery, that’s what Raja sir does. His music is a mystery that can never be solved. Even today, the second best thing I tune into for comfort is Ilayaraja music next to my mother’s voice…He did his magic on me just like he did on you… each of you… His songs invoked the soul within us… The word Soul-Stirring was made for his music. His music gave life a new meaning.. No matter how down we are in life, his music just made us get up and take back our life…

As I write this, im humming the song “Ilaya nila …” Uffff… what music… Without him, it would all be just words with sounds… Without his music, life would be just….existence..

Raja…Ilayaraja… The maestro… The composer…The Isaignani… The MAN… Who gave our souls, life…

Thank you, for making our lives a better one..!!


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