Two plats…The story of my school days…!


So, this is how it all began… When I was 6 years, I wore my mustard school uniform with a kerchief pinned to it and my Appa proudly left me at the school gate to be escorted by the class miss to my class room. Little did I know that day that this very school would give me my life’s happiest days and unforgettable memories…! YES, I went on to study till my XIIth grade in the same school and this blog is dedicated to MY school, CSI Bain School. I’m sure whoever reading this would think of your school days as well.

Today, as I see kids crossing the road holding each other’s tiny hands.. When I see a group of 13 year old girls discussing about Deepika Padukone’s designer wear gown… When I see a group of 16 year olds talking about the latest crush in their class…. It reminds me of my school days.. The days that lay the foundation for the rest of my life to build on… None of us liked school when we were studying, we craved to go to college and then once in college, we waited to start working and once we worked for couple of years, we all want to “go back to school” again… Life is funny, it makes us want the things we have not liked when we had it and school life is the best example for it.

I still remember those days so vividly… Right from the sweet voices of our school choir echoing from the closed auditorium to the strict yet confident voice of our principal…!! Everything feels so new and fresh even now. Our school had one of the biggest sports ground which is always bustling with activity at any given time of the day. The school ground was where all the fun happened, well almost all! 🙂 From the rehearsals for the sports day to the hush hush talks between friends to the secret puffing away behind the trees (tsk tsk), the Bain’s ground has seen it all…!! 🙂

The most crowded place in the school was, is and always will be the canteen. I still recollect the 2 samosas/cutlet for Rs.5 which tasted absolutely divine J and not to forget the lemon rice and vegetable rice that was served for Rs 10 a plate. We all just loved to crowd there, and eating together meant a lot and that was the foundation for all the friendships that went on to become friendships for life.

The kind of friends who would not judge you if you are in messy clothes, if you are having a bad hair day; the kind of friends who will like you for what you are and not for the social status you have outside the school. The kind of friends who are ready to write your practical’s when you have not completed it. The kind of friends who expect nothing in return for the things you do. The kind of friends who do not judge you by you religion, color and financial status; the kind of friends who are just FRIENDS without expecting benefits; We were all like the color pencils. Each of us was of different colors, but we always stuck to the same box…!

I got my close friends from school. The “Super Seven” that has Saliha Mariam, Vijayalakshmi, Sudha, Sathyapria, Lavanya, Abirami and myself 🙂 ; The “CLP Girls” which was headed by Kadhija that has around 30 girls to its credit 🙂 ;The “4 rowdies” which was very aptly named by our then principal Mrs. James that included Viveka sadhasivam, Khadija Beevi, Saliha Mariam and of course Myself..!! And the groups would go on and on!! 🙂 We were all just FRIENDS…!! Waiting to do something for one another..!!

I learnt the basic principles of life in school just like each one of you. The habit of sharing, giving, trusting one another, staying united. All these were embedded in each of us in school. When I turn back now and see, I for sure can say that school days were the most innocent ones all of us have been. Whether it is love or hatred; jealousy or grouping; we were all ourselves. We never wore a mask to hide our faces which we all do now at different places and to different people. We were so innocent that we almost never knew what it is to be diplomatic. Those days, we were identified as us and who we were and not by the job/degree we have now.

School life was easily the most fun loving days of anybody’s life. The word stress did not exist in our lives. The classes that I bunked in the name of rehearsals and sports day preparations, ah how peaceful life was back then…! Right from the one day excursions to the “Crocodile Park” and “Vandalur zoo” in our Vth grades to the Three day trips to Munnar and Kodaikanal in our Xth and XIIth, it was all too good to be forgotten. I still remember the train journey during the excursion to kodaikanal. MY classmates Vimki Giria and Shalu rathi painted mustaches with black paint on other girl’s faces while they were sleeping and the next day morning they were in for a surprise when they woke up 🙂 Today each of us may have traveled the length and breadth of the world, but im sure you can be honest to yourself and say the school trips were the most fun of it all!! 🙂

Sports day was “THE DAY” of the school. You can see the entire school be divided into five houses namely; Tagore, Sarojini, Nehru, Bharathi and Gandhi. The kind of dedication that went into the detailing of everything was just spectacular. Right form the march past decorations to maintaining the secrecy of our respective dances, it was all so well planned. The number of rehearsals for the March Past, especially under the Sun in Chennai, but not a day did we give up, we kept doing and doing the additions and modifications every day. TEAMWORK began back then; no boss had to induce that in us. There was no Stephen covey training to inject the traits in us, it all came from within. We all JUST DID IT; we did whatever it takes to win!! We were united and were a team and we always remained that way. I belonged to Nehru house and I still have the “Volunteer” badge with me 🙂

How could I forget the teachers!! The back bone of any school; The Bain’s teachers were unique 🙂 Really, ask any Bianite and they will tell you this!! There were teachers who would let us put our hands around their arms and talk like friends and then there are teachers who were too rigid too. The teachers who taught us not just chemistry and economics but all the basic values of life; Teachers who taught us to dream, to be united, to be happy and most of all to be spiritually connected; Teachers who were HERO’s to each of us; They did not just teach us how to count but all taught us what counts most in life!

I still remember my last day at school. A bunch of us wore our school shirt and got autographs from others on the shirt which we flaunted the entire day; it was kinda cool u see 😉 By the way, I still have the shirt, neatly ironed!! That day, is when I realized all of this is over and it cannot come back. That was the day, I knew it was all over too soon before I could realize how much it meant to me. I cried… I cried a lot… I cried hugging the pillars of the school hall. The same pillar that I hugged when I was 6 years old when I said I won’t get into this school.

We cannot go back to our school days but we can always become like one at any given point of time…!! It does not take too much to be like one, just let go of your inhibitions and become urself and you will see how beautiful you actually are, from within. Each of us still have that chubby bubbly kid inside us who we have put to sleep; who, we have sedated with the drugs such as anger, bitching, back biting, money, society status and basically pulling the others down to get to the top. Time to wake her/him up and see the MAGIC she/he can bring to your life. Give a chance and I promise you will not regret!

I end the blog with a stanza of my school song…

“…Have you heard of Bain School? And of our little band?
The best of all the boys and girls on India’s coral strand,
And we’re learning all we can, for our dear Motherland;
May our school live forever and ever…!”


Yours sincerely,

Sharada KS


10 thoughts on “Two plats…The story of my school days…!

    • Each and every line…took my memories back to school..Life was soo beautiful during that time..thank you Sharada for taking me back to those sweet memories

  1. i was smiling myself wen i was reading this…..i dont have time to write it but all is in my memory…………..really nice……thanks

  2. Hey this one is truly awesome… Really brought back memories which we hardly find time to recollect and feel a true joy within…I sooo miss Bain School…

  3. The memory of you holding your dad’s hands is still fresh in my mind 🙂 we used to be the birthday buddies and go together distributing chocolates to other class teachers.
    wow…. happy days!!! Very well written Sharada…..

  4. I was just reminisce about my school days today after hearing the song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun BY Cindy Lauper. Oh how I enjoyed the songs that were over the radio.Although I had personal problems, my school days were wonderful. I wish I could go back to my school days

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