En chennai.. En city..

Kowsalya supraja Rama poorva sandhya pravarthathe
Uthishta narasardoola karthavyam daivamahnikam

This is how I wanted to start the blog as this is how a day starts in an area like Mylapore or a Mambalam in Chennai and being a Tambram myself, i had to…!! 😉

So what’s about this city that makes the people glued to it (other than the sweat, of course 🙂 ?.. The city that is still culture rich and continues to be a conservative metro compared to the rest.

A city that has temples right in the middle of the road..!! 🙂 A city where kudumi* mama rides the pulsar with a blue tooth plugged to his ears and you can hear him saying “traffic irukkono… idho setha nazhile vandudren, neenga aarambingo..”*

A city that has the richest auto walas in the country..!! From central station to mount road, they charge 200/- bucks… The train journey from Chennai to Bangalore costs lesser..!

A city that has a sleepless beach… The constant chatter patter of the Bajji-wala-love and the sound of the never ending waves, what would we do without you?!?! A beach that is been of some help to every Chennai-ite…!! A beach that is been a shoulder to cry on for some… a soothing friend for some…a the subject of poetic thoughts for some and an umbrella for some 😉

So there are two lovers who can’t do without one another….That is ‘Sangeetha” and “Saravana Bhavan”…Chennai’s most favorite and most wanted love Jodi…!! 😉 Suda suda oru tumbler kaapi and oru plate idli… idhu illame Chennai epdi complete aagum*?!?

A city which possibly has an entire area dedicated to clothes..!! YES, Welcome to the T.Nagar.. What will the ladies do without you?!? The only place where the husbands sit/stand outside under the sun and the wives shop away to glory in the A/c inside..! From the road side junk shops in Pondy Bazaar to the multi storied buildings.. It is one area that is open for all classes and masses…. from Maamis and Maasis… From Saira Banu to Saraswathi to Shirley.. From Rahman to Ramachandran to Robinson… An area for everyone’s taste!! You get stuff for every Reason.. Season and Occasion..!

Did I mention Satyam Cinemas..? I did not!! The one place that does not care about recession, inflation, global economy, budget.. Its free from all this! Onnum kedaiyahu*… It keeps running and running… successfully.. week after week after week..! One can see house full here at any given time of the day..! Chennai is a cinema freak…!! As much as we love Rajnikanth, we love Ben Affleck too..!! But YES, Ben Affleck does not get a Paal Abhishekam* for his movie release, Namba Super star gets it..!!

December comes and its Margazhi Utsavam*… You can see the best of Carnatic talents singing at every corner of the city… The entire month, you get to do sabha hopping instead of pub hopping!! 🙂 Step into Mylapore or Mambalam during this season, you will see the beautiful hand done kolams* blocking half the streets and the smell of oodhuvathi* and malli poo* swaying from one house to another…!

Our Barma Bazaar and Richie Street..!! 🙂 Yes, our very own international shopping experience at your door step. From I phone to Ur phone, ellame namba phone*, from the latest release to yet to be released movies, from Sony to Bose… you get it all… that too in unbelievable rates…! Lifelong guarantee- u will not find a duplicate as original as this.. A must visit when you’re in Chennai! 🙂

Want a weekend to relax..? Namba chennai ku vaanga*… A drive down the ECR is all you need..!! Hit Mahabalipuram and enjoy the scenic beauty of the nature at its best…! The beaches never looked better..!! The shore temples are a delightful sight to look at…!! But pls make sure you show your marriage certificate when you are driving post 7 pm, naanga konjam* strict-u..strict-u strict-u… Believe me, it’s B L I S S…!! 🙂

The only city that has just three seasons instead of four all through the year.. Hot, Hotter and Hottest.. You see, we like to keep it simple!! 😉

A city that is modern yet traditional, a perfect blend for a perfect bride!! 😉 That is Chennai for you…!! 😉

Well, I can go on and on and on about my city, but its only fair that u come and experience it yourself! 🙂

En chennai… En city… En ulagam.. namba chennai ku whislte podu mama*…

Come and explore, you will fall in love with it…!!


Kudumi – pony tail

traffic irukkono… idho setha nazhile vandudren, neenga aarambingo..”* – there is huge traffic so will get delayed, you start the function..

Suda suda oru glass kaapi and oru plate idli… idhu illame Chennai epdi complete aagum* – Whats chennai without Hot hot filter coffee and one plate idli?

Onnum kedaiyahu – nothing bothers at all

Paal abhishekam – milk shower

Margazhi utsavam – a season for music

Kolam – Rangoli

ooduvathi – Agarbathi /scent sticks

Malli poo – Jasmine flowers

ellame namba phone – all phones, our phones

Namba chennai ku vaanga – come to  our chennai

naanga konjam – we are a little..

En – My

Ulagam – world

namba chennai ku whistle podu mama – whistle to our chennai, uncle.


ME and MY six yards…!!

ME and my SIX yards…

So, when everything else fails, sari prevails!

In today’s changing times w.r.t the clothing a line, wearing a sari looks like the last but one option for many. Strangely for me, this looked like the first and the best option.

I could not help but have a fetish to it as my mother has three cupboards full of em’ and as a child I remember wrapping them up standing in front of the mirror for hours ( yeah yeah, I still do it but now I know how to drape it 😉 …

The times when I missed my mom the most, I remember wrapping her saree around and sleeping.. It was a feeling that I cant express..

There was something about it that lured me to it.. Something feminine.. Something passionate.. Something charming and something ethnic…something that stood out from the other dresses….

The comfort that a sari gives to a dull day is something else totally 🙂

So when I did some research, I got to know that Sari is actually derived from Sanskrit which means #a strip of cloth. Strange, a strip of plain 6 yards of cloth can make a woman look amazingly beautiful and sensuous. The comfort of wearing a simple cotton sari is much more than wearing branded clothing.

It is the only dress that does not humiliate plus sized woman, u don’t have to ask for “your size” in it.. one size fits all.. No embarrassment of telling people weather you are wearing a L, XL, XXL, XXXL etc.. You don’t need to check if it has your waist size.. How wonderfully simple a dress can get!! Just one size for all!!

Dresses come and go, but the spirit of Sari always stands out The joy of wearing one never withers..

Every time I buy a saree, it is a celebration of sorts.. The joy of owning it and the joy of wearing it is something you gotta experience 🙂 A poem is the best way that I can explain my joy for this lovely piece of art that makes woman look like one 🙂


Like silk you fall;

I wish I could own u all;


Like cotton you stick;

I drape you when im sick;


Like chiffon u flow;

It makes me wanna glow;


Like kota you stand tall;

Makes a woman look like a doll;


Like Banarasi you rise;

Fits woman of all size;


Like a net you throw;

What else is left to show?;


Styled as a lehanga, Mundu or a madisar;

You are the only one that treats all women at par;


Oh, the joy u give when we drape;

Without you, we would look like an ape;


Oh, me and six yards;

Without you, I crumble like a deck of cards;