Vaazhga Thamizh…Valarga Thamizh…


I talk Thamizh; I walk Thamizh; I eat Thamizh; I sleep Thamizh;

Thamizh dhan en moochu moochu moochu….

Well YES, surprised?? Taken aback??? Puzzled?? Most of you thought it was something else but then YES it is my Thaai mozhi, THAMIZH…

I write this blog in english script because of many of my fellow “Thamizh” friends don’t know to read Thamizh.. Sigh!! That’s the fate of the Language today…

The language that helped me call my Amma for the first time.. The language that was with me at all times through my life.. ups and downs.. high’s and low’s…success and failures… Thamizh came to my rescue when nobody else did…

Times fly and I remember so vividly during my school days how we were told to speak only English… And thankfully my parents spoke Thamizh at home, so my connection with the language was not lost… I only fear the kids of today as their parents seem to talk MOSTLY in English though being Tamilians.. And mind you, I talk about parents in India.. Tamil parents outside India talk more Thamizh than the ones in India… (I’m to blame myself too as I also got influenced speaking English at home.. but correcting that now, thanks to my husband)…

We don’t live in the times where our kids take a Thiruvasagam or a Silapadhigaram and read them.. They prefer a game of Angry Birds on our I-pad or a book on “Harry Potter”… So, unless we make them understand the importance and the value of Thamizh, they will never know. More Tamilians are migrating outside Tamilnadu and hence Thamizh is not even a second language and it’s even more important that we at home, speak in Thamizh for them to speak and know the language to teach their kids.. I can’t imagine 10 years from now, how the language is going to progress and I don’t see a positive trend about it NOW…

The BPO/ITeS is a major influence.. Adhu enna indha BPO sector le , people change their names??? Kathiverni becomes Katherine.. Shreeram becomes Sam… Vellakaranuku puriyalana, pathu dharava sollunga… There are hundreds of outsiders working in India, ask one of them to change their name and I will show you a dead person walking.. Evan pannuvan?? Ask him to change from Sam Morrison to Sriram.. From Mark Dorsan to Munniswamy… When they don’t, why should we..?? We lower our value by doing such things in the name of “corporate ethics”.. No company policy says you gotta change your name..

Veetle, naalu sevathukulle parkardhu ennamo namba TR padam, velile vandha mattum enna scene?? Sollunga… ARGO vum DARK KNIGHT num paatha dhan ungala mathipaangana, andha madhippu ungalukillai, andha padathuku…

I also watch English movies but I always make sure I watch my language movies and give them the due credit first… I aint saying become a Thamizh poet (if u wish to, super, salute)… but then give the value the language demands…

Aana, naan idha notice pannirken, Namba Thamizh karangaluku kovam vandha mattum dhan Thamizh patru pongo pongunu pongum.. Ada Ada Ada… Ennama Edhugai monai oda pesuvaanga teriyuma.. Azhage Azhagu…! Suthi podalam..!

Evlo vidahamana Thamizh iruku…!!

Namba Coimbatore Thamizh.. Anna.. Vanakamunga na…

Thirunelveli Thamizh… chuvamaa irukeyalaa…

Madhurai Thamizh..Eppudi irukeenga oi..

Namba Brahmana Thamizh.. Aathule ellarum, soukiyama kanne soukiyama…??

And irukave iruku namba Madras bashai.. Epdi ikkerai?? Appale? Vootanda vandhutu po..

And many many more…!!!

Which other language has so many dialects??? Sollunga paapom… summava sonnan, Thamizh is the oldest language in the world!!

The beauty in saying “Naan unnai kadhalikiren” is nowhere close to saying “I love you..” The Serenity in hearing ur child call u “Amma” is priceless compared to a “mom” “mother” etc..

Ennadhan  “Gangnam style” vandhalum, namma oru kuthu paatu range e thani… Namba ooru thapankuthuku aadra madhiiri varuma…??

Ennadhan Tom cruise, Bradley cooper vandhalum, Namba Thalaivar madhiri epdinga?? Endha oorle pannuvan pal abhishekam.. Thamizhan pannuvan.. Adhan naanga…

The joy when you read a Thirukural;

The joy when joy hear an illayaraja in Thamizh;

The joy when you watch a Mouna Raagam;

The joy when you call “Amma”;

The joy when you whistle at a Rajni film;

The joy when you have thayir saadam;

The joy when you speak in Thamizh…. BLISS..!!

I’m not saying speak only Thamizh…NO, im not saying that… Thamizh le pesina nalla irukumnu dhan solren.. Whenever you get the chance, pesi dhan paarungalen… Namabale pesalena, namba pasanga epdi pesuvaanga…?? Pesunga, U will fall in love with it..!

Vaazhga Thamizh;

Valarga Thamizh;


Coffee Confessions!!!


Coffee…Cuppa…Chaoua…Café…Qahwah…and Kaapi…

How does one start writing about the single most popular stress buster in the world…? (The others just follow ok, now read the blog) 🙂 The only partner who has been in my highs and lows… The only guy ( well, I think coffee is a person too… but then it can be a guy or a girl depending on ur mood swings…;) ) who has seen all the emotions of mine and still chose to remain calm and patient.. The BEST listener in the whole world… You can talk for hours and he will still remain quiet… BUT yes, you talk a lot and chances are he might ‘turn cold’ as well..! 😉

The perfect start to any day….!! One cup of this and you see the magic happening from within..!!  What is about him that is so addictive..? What is it about him that one can never get enough of? What is it about him that makes one want more and more…? What is it about him that makes the world go high…?

SO technically, YES, there is the caffeine and also slightly acidic in nature…!! But it’s a mix of many things… The Aroma… The Flavor… The Color…and YES the Taste…!! Ah… the TASTE!!

Coffee is by far the BEST drink (I see all the guys reading this shouting BEER BEER….) but then. Sorry mates, nothing beats a hot Cuppa…!!!

Whether you sip a cup sitting on those well-polished wooden chairs in a five star hotel, whether you sing away to Sting /Akon and enjoy your Cuppa in a coffee shop or you simply slurrrrrp it up in a road side nayar shop…Coffee tastes good everywhere!! It is a poor man’s drink of ecstasy…! You get it for five and five hundred…!

Those times when you have had a bad day at work…. Come home and sip that coffee and everything becomes normal again… The times when you had a fight with a best friend, meeting over a cup of coffee solves almost everything… An argument with the husband…?  Make him a cup of filter coffee and you are golden…! The times when everything seems to go the wrong way, when the whole world seems shrinking, one cup of coffee solves everything (but YES, with some Illayaraja to the ears… I can’t write a blog about stress busters and not have IIlayaraja mentioned in it)….

Today coffee has traveled across the borders… One can see Brazilian, Caribbean and Colombian coffees off the shelves in the Indian malls today… Every street today has coffee shops… It is become a meeting point for a casual chat with friends, for shortlisting the potential life partner and even business meetings…Coffee clicks for everyone!!! 🙂

But for me, the love for the filter Kaapi never seems to fade… You can blame me for being a Tambram for that, but then yeah, I mean, what’s wrong in sticking to the basics?!? 🙂

The entire process is enriching….You take that dark brown dusts of paradise and fill it up in the filter, and pour boiling water to it and wait for the small beads of brown beauty to fall into the vessel and then smell the aroma of the pure decoction filling up the walls… Heat some milk and mix the decoction to it and give it a shake and to top it all, add some decoction on the top… smell the whiff of the steam coming from the cup and then take that sip… AH!!!!! B L I S S…!!

So next time when you have a coffee, whether at home, work, cafeteria, coffee shop, lounge, road side, on the go or a five star hotel.. Always remember to smell it first, take in the aroma… and take the first sip and relish the taste.. Give time for coffee, it’s not a drink to hurry!!! Give the coffee, the love he deserves for he gives us much more in return!!

Time for my coffee break, gotta go!! Bye bye! 😉