Myths of a working woman…

I had to write about this when a friend of mine said working woman have a better life compared to a woman sitting at home. While I don’t deny the fact that working women have more exposure to the world outside and meet different people, I disagree to the fact that the lives of working women are a piece of cake. Here are the common myths that I want to touch upon on working women.

Working women cannot cook.

As much as we love to grab a bite off the fast food counter across the food court for lunch, we equally enjoy home cooking as well. Please do not cast us saying we do not know how to cook just because we do not spend four hours in the kitchen trying to cook the perfect meal to welcome the husband home for lunch. We may spend lesser time but we love cooking too.

Working women cannot be idle.

Who said this….? Ask us and we will tell you how much we crave for a weekday holiday. We are the ones to celebrate an independence day that falls on a Wednesday than anyone else. Agreed we love to keep ourselves occupied but we also equally love to laze around and watch the saas bahu serial once in a while.

Working women sleep their way to success.

I agree the casting couch exists in the corporate world, no denying that but please do not come to a conclusion that a woman employee got the promotion because she has the assets. We take all the crap and do those extra hours of work to complete the project and work as hard as the men do. Start accepting the fact that women are intelligent and that’s why the promotions happen. We love being on top, I meant in the corporate ladder.

Working women are more look conscious.

This is the most ridiculous myth. People say the beauty parlours run because the working women spend hours to look good for the outside world. Agreed but what about the packed parlours in the weekday afternoons? The women at home love to look good and groom themselves as much as we do, in fact I would say they take more time in grooming themselves for the kitty parties and the dinners with their neighbours.

Working women are less conservative. 

Because we work in the middle of a group of men in a closed office space does not make us any less traditional than the women at home. In fact we take more care in ensuring we are well within the boundaries of our tradition given the distractions that surround us. I have friends who are working but far more orthodox in thoughts compared to my other women friends who are non-working.  Being traditional is nothing to do with your employment status; it is more to do with the mind.

Working women are career hungry.

Perhaps the biggest myth is this. We work for various reasons. When I hear men say working women can never be housewives, I want to spank him, on his face (what were you thinking?)

Some of us work to keep ourselves occupied. Some of us work to be independent and not ask for petty cash to the man. Most of us work because we need to share the financial constraints as being a part of the family. Paying an EMI of 50000 every month is not easy having a single course of income and kids going to school. We help the man to ease the financial pressure. Give us a choice and we will quit our jobs and happily sit at home and take care of the more important things in life.

Well, these are the myths that came to my mind. I may have slipped a few. Do not look at us and feel jealous. We wake up early, prepare the kids for school. Take that Volvo bus/car and travel in the crazy traffic and look at the face of a boss who is least interested in how bad your morning was. Finish a hectic day and come back home and prepare dinner and listen to the school stories of the kids and listen to the husband and feed his thirst off and on the bed irrespective of how hard our day has been and still smile the next day morning in the mirror.

 We are much more than you think. We don’t need your salutation, but we also don’t need your condemnation. Respect us for who we are and we will respect you for who you are.


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