Return of the Madrasi – Chapter 19

Chapter 19:

“Karthik, it is ok to have a mental breakdown. It only proves to show you are a human too. Don’t worry the answers for all your questions are within you. Just look for it and you will find them” said his mother trying to console him. ‘Yeah, the answers are within me and so is she. That’s the problem. The answers will come out once she comes out of it too” murmured Karthik as he went to his room.

(Dials Vikram and requests him to come home.)

“Hi aunty, how are you? What da? just because you are jobless dosent make me also to be one. Anyways tell me, what’s up? You look all flustered. “Said Vikram entering Karthik’s room. “Priya….” said his mother as she was folding the clothes in the living room.  “What?? Priya eh?? Not again… fucker, are you mad??? Im so tired with this Priya shit, even the readers will be tired by now. Will you move on already now please” said a frustrated Vikram.

“Machan, you have Gautham’s number? Im going to call him, I want to know where Priya is and meet her.” Said Karthik walking to and fro in the room… “What? Gautham number eh?? Dai, are you gone mad completely? Aunty, your son is mentally retarded; please take him to a good temple this weekend to scare away the evils. Karthik, look at her (pointing to Sujitha’s pic in his mobile) she is the one for you and you are the one for her. She loves you Machan. Don’t complicate your life by inviting unnecessary troubles, oh wait there is no plural. It’s just trouble in the name of Priya. That Bitch left you the next day after you guys made love. Maybe it was a one night stand for her. She must have used you for her pleasure da. She…”

“If you say another word about Priya, I slap you and throw you out of my house Vikram. Just give me Gautham number please. If you cannot be of help, please leave. I will ask someone else…” said Karthik with irritation. “Don’t over act da… Wait… Let me ask Siddharth, he was only close to him.” Vikram said as he dialed his number.

“Hello, hey Siddharth, how are you da?? All well Machan.. same shit.. different day… what’s up there? Saw your Facebook updates, full time partying Machan, invite me also da rascal. All nice figures coming to your party… ha ha.. ok cool.. hey listen, you have Gotham’s number with you ? yeah yeah, same guy. Ah okay… tell me.. 9..8..4..0….. 44 or 444? Ok 44. Super, thank you da! Keep in touch bugger.” And he hangs up.

“Here, Gautham’ s number. Your work with me is done right. Shall I leave?” asks Vikram as he gets up to leave… “Shut the fuck up and sit down da. I’m sorry, I was rude to you, didn’t intend to, but you know …”  “Dei, otha dial the number da. Don’t kill me now.” interrupted Vikram. Karthik smiled wide and dialed the number. “Machan, its ringing da…” said Karthik. “Yeah that’s what happens when you dial someone’s number” smirked Vikram. “dei.. he is not Priya, don’t get all worked up.. Talk normally. Dei, what happened to you man…” murmured Vikram seeing how restless Karthik was over the phone.

“Hey, hi is this Gautham? Hey hi.. This is Karthik.. Karthik Balaraman, your engineering …. Hey Machan… how are you da..? oh im doing great.. I was in the US da, landed here sometime back,, thought I should catch up with you so gave a call…what are you upto? Otha, you have a kid a??? how da?? Married??..” “Epic fail…”. vikram whispered …Karthik shows his middle finger to Vikram as he talks over the phone. “Hmm.. so family man you have become da.. nice nice.. no da, im single only.. all thanks to you.. shit.. hey no da.. I meant all thanks to my youth.. youth…hey listen you want to catch up? Vikram wanted to meet you too..” “Otha dei, I don’t even know what he is upto, why are you attaching me to this disastrous plan??” asked vikram in a low tone.

“Shh… yes Machan.. tonight sounds great da.. where you want to meet? Hmm.. Moon and Six pence? Hablis? Ok perfect.. hey how is Priya? You sister? Oh nice nice… I still remember coming for her birthday party 9 years back.. ha ha.. crazy times na… hello? Hello?? Oh sorry thought I lost you.. ok Machan.. see you then. bye!” and Karthik hangs up. Vikram continues to stare at him for a minute or two. “Ok da, you can swear at me now. go on.” Said Karthik sheepishly…

“Im not saying anything Machan… your life.. You decide…Here Sujitha is calling you..” he hands over the mobile to Karthik who was busy with his laptop. “Hey sweetheart.. how are you?? Sorry baby, was busy since morning and Vikram came home unannounced.. he wanted a favor in meeting an old friend so had to make some phone calls. No baby, I didn’t ask him to come. He was jobless so he just came. Yeah, we are going to Moon and Six pence tonight, this guy wants to meet an old friend baby and he is dragging me along… I miss you so much… I know.. we will meet tomorrow.. how is your work? Busy with the ad campaigns?? Oh ok.. ok baby, bye I love you…”. Vikram and Karthik stare at each other.

“Sorry da.. you know how it works right.. drink is on me Machan…” says Karthik patting on his shoulder. “Otha dei.. drink is on you but my hands will be on your neck now.. Otha… I know love teaches many things, but it also teaches corruption. Otha…” says Vikram. “Seri Machan.. When you fall in love, you will know da. Woman are difficult to handle da. One should know how to handle. They suddenly like it below the waist and next moment like it above the neck. “ said Karthik.

“You mean one minute they like regular fuck and the next minute they like a blow job?” asked vikram, still frustrated. “Ha ha… Dei.. Otha… no da.. Forget it… What’s the time now?? 7 pm? Shit Machan.. We have to be at Hablis by 9 pm. From Mylapore to Guindy, the traffic is going to be crazy. We better leave by 8 da. You go freshen up and come, else you go home and I shall pick you up.” Karthik said as he was looking through his wardrobe finding a suitable outfit to wear.

“Do I look like a comedy piece to you? Tell me da… we will go together from here. Do you ever think of correcting one figure for me da??”…asks Vikram.  “Dei, wrong English da.. I can’t correct a figure for you… I can help you correct a figure Machan…” replied Karthik to Vikram. “Yes da… right now correcting my grammar is more important than correcting your life.. Teach me da… What is vowel?? I know only towel. Teach me please da.. Please…” said Vikram. Karthik had a hearty laugh. Off they drove to Hablis.

Whilst they were waiting for Gautham to arrive, vikram was curious about one thing.

“So tell me this, the objective of this meeting is to know what Priya is upto now. I get that. What is the objective of meeting Priya?” he asked Karthik. “How many times do I tell you people, I want a closure and I want to know why she loved me and left me high and dry? I need my answers.” said Karthik in a stiff tone. “Ok… and what is your objective knowing those answers?” asked vikram instantly. “Err… hmmm… ill have a closure. Ill make peace with my past, it won’t follow me again. I can peacefully live with Priya. Shit.. I mean Sujitha.. Sujitha.. I can peacefully live with her. “Said Karthik.

“Thank god you are not a Christian.” Said vikram… “It would be like the episode in Friends where Ross utters Rachel’s name at the altar…” “Oh my god.. What if she is my rachel ?? what if we are meant to be together da? What if she is also longing for me like how im right here.. did I make a huge mistake by letting her go and not looking for her?? Maybe she looked for me too and couldn’t find me…” Karthik said restlessly.

“Dei… Shabba… I feel high listening to you da… why me god why me… there are so many people here, but why me???” Vikram said looking above. “Hey there he is..” he says pointing a finger at Gautham. “Hey buddy.. Good to see you man… long long time… around 7 years??? Fuck…!! How r things with you man?? Someone is keeping you happy?” Karthik asks looking at his tummy bulging out.

Four rounds in …

Karthik: “How is Priya da? Your sister? What is she upto?”

Gautham: She is rocking da…she is in Bangalore working with O&M. She is doing great.

Karthik: Oh. Wow… O&M eh?  One of the best ad agencies… hmm… hey.. I vaguely remember this friend of your sister who was also interested in advertising… unable to recollect her name though.. hmmm.. Prathiba….Prathana…hmmm..

Gautham: You mean Priya…?

Karthik: (his heart skips a beat the minute he heard her name) Yes yes, I think it was Priya.. I remember meeting her at your sister’s birthday party Machan…

Gautham: Oh Priya is in Mumbai… she has her own ad agency…but don’t know much about her though.. Why do you ask??

Vikram: (murmurs) hmm because she forgot to return his condom…

Gautham: What?? Cotton eh? Yeah the weather is bad so I prefer cotton shirts,,.

Vikram: (looking at Karthik) Dei…. Im going to kill you da… such a mokka piece this guy is and you are treating him for a drink at Hablis…

Karthik: Sorry da… just some more time da… Please… I’m almost there….

Gautham: hey that reminds me…My sister is getting married da, you both should definitely come…

Karthik: Wow, is Priya coming?

Gautham: Eh…?

Karthik: No I mean, wow… it is pretty amazing!! We are there Machan.. When is the wedding??

Gautham: 27th of next month da… I shall send the invite link n WhatsApp ..

Karthik: cool da, you have my number right? Invite me without fail machan…

After five rounds, Gautham decides to leave as he has an early morning webex meeting.

Karthik: OH MY GOD… this is the craziest coincidence machan… I might actually meet Priya next month… I have been longing for 8 years and now I actually have a chance to see her.. do you realize how this makes me feel?? I can even explain da.. this feeling is like rebirth….

Vikram: and what if you fall in love with Priya? What if she is in love with you too? What are you going to do…?



Myths of a working woman…

I had to write about this when a friend of mine said working woman have a better life compared to a woman sitting at home. While I don’t deny the fact that working women have more exposure to the world outside and meet different people, I disagree to the fact that the lives of working women are a piece of cake. Here are the common myths that I want to touch upon on working women.

Working women cannot cook.

As much as we love to grab a bite off the fast food counter across the food court for lunch, we equally enjoy home cooking as well. Please do not cast us saying we do not know how to cook just because we do not spend four hours in the kitchen trying to cook the perfect meal to welcome the husband home for lunch. We may spend lesser time but we love cooking too.

Working women cannot be idle.

Who said this….? Ask us and we will tell you how much we crave for a weekday holiday. We are the ones to celebrate an independence day that falls on a Wednesday than anyone else. Agreed we love to keep ourselves occupied but we also equally love to laze around and watch the saas bahu serial once in a while.

Working women sleep their way to success.

I agree the casting couch exists in the corporate world, no denying that but please do not come to a conclusion that a woman employee got the promotion because she has the assets. We take all the crap and do those extra hours of work to complete the project and work as hard as the men do. Start accepting the fact that women are intelligent and that’s why the promotions happen. We love being on top, I meant in the corporate ladder.

Working women are more look conscious.

This is the most ridiculous myth. People say the beauty parlours run because the working women spend hours to look good for the outside world. Agreed but what about the packed parlours in the weekday afternoons? The women at home love to look good and groom themselves as much as we do, in fact I would say they take more time in grooming themselves for the kitty parties and the dinners with their neighbours.

Working women are less conservative. 

Because we work in the middle of a group of men in a closed office space does not make us any less traditional than the women at home. In fact we take more care in ensuring we are well within the boundaries of our tradition given the distractions that surround us. I have friends who are working but far more orthodox in thoughts compared to my other women friends who are non-working.  Being traditional is nothing to do with your employment status; it is more to do with the mind.

Working women are career hungry.

Perhaps the biggest myth is this. We work for various reasons. When I hear men say working women can never be housewives, I want to spank him, on his face (what were you thinking?)

Some of us work to keep ourselves occupied. Some of us work to be independent and not ask for petty cash to the man. Most of us work because we need to share the financial constraints as being a part of the family. Paying an EMI of 50000 every month is not easy having a single course of income and kids going to school. We help the man to ease the financial pressure. Give us a choice and we will quit our jobs and happily sit at home and take care of the more important things in life.

Well, these are the myths that came to my mind. I may have slipped a few. Do not look at us and feel jealous. We wake up early, prepare the kids for school. Take that Volvo bus/car and travel in the crazy traffic and look at the face of a boss who is least interested in how bad your morning was. Finish a hectic day and come back home and prepare dinner and listen to the school stories of the kids and listen to the husband and feed his thirst off and on the bed irrespective of how hard our day has been and still smile the next day morning in the mirror.

 We are much more than you think. We don’t need your salutation, but we also don’t need your condemnation. Respect us for who we are and we will respect you for who you are.

Spot the differences :)



Current Salary:

Current location:

Open to Relocation:

Family particulars:

If you thought the above details were ripped off from a or, you are completely wrong. These are taken from a matrimonial site. This is just the beginning of the silliness, I tell you.  Let us look at the similarities between a job site and a matrimonial site.

Similarity 1:

In both the services, there is the free and paid membership, which means if you cannot afford to pay to find your “dream job/partner”, you have to settle for just browsing through the profiles and cannot contact any but in some cases you can just send an interest that you would like to be considered. Similar to the Dog and bone theory it is. Now don’t ask me who is the Dog and who is the Bone. I leave that to you.

Similarity 2:

You can filter your search based on your preferences. If you do not want your ex partner/company (at times current too) to know that you are looking at moving out of your current role/company, you can block them. Tada…!

Similarity 3:

If you are a Paid member, get your personalized true match finder. They will match you to the desired job/partner. Their main job in life is to find a job for you. They will be constantly on the lookout for the best jobs/partner for you and make a list for you to review and reject or shortlist. Once you shortlist, you can go ahead with the various rounds of interview.

Similarity 4:

The profile you present and the profile the employer wants is never a perfect fit. The key skills you enter is in most cases more than what you are capable of, Yet you ensure you feature in most of the search results by the elite members by being the premium job seeker.

Similarity 5:

Once you get shortlisted for your ideal job, the consultant will be more worried for you to get the job than the actual employer. Only if you are worthy enough to find your true partner, they can display the news on their website. Over 1 million find their true match.

Similarity 6:

If you get selected and join the employer for a long-term commitment and if the employer comes to know that the information you provided in the site or during the interview is not right or if they find you not performing your tasks to the fullest, either of these can happen. Either they put you into three month counseling or in corporate terms PIP else they will give you a warning else they try and tell you that you are not the kind they are looking for and ask for a mutual consent else worst outcome, they will fire you.

Well, you can substitute the words employer, job and consultant to suit to the matrimonial terms. But all said and done, marriage is never a business deal to decide by matching the CTC and company. It is a lifelong commitment of the heart. No divorce (or I can say very less) has happened because the partner was earning a lesser CTC or did not own a house. The reasons for divorce are not the lack or mismatch of what is given in the website, but the ability to understand and love our partner beyond those pointers.

The points such as Love, Understanding, Forgiving, Compromising, Trust and belief are the most important for any marriage to flourish and unfortunately none of these websites can quantify these. So please do not blindly go by what the profile on the website says, for marriage is not a membership, but a choice of a lifetime.

Cheers 🙂

Vaazhga Thamizh…Valarga Thamizh…


I talk Thamizh; I walk Thamizh; I eat Thamizh; I sleep Thamizh;

Thamizh dhan en moochu moochu moochu….

Well YES, surprised?? Taken aback??? Puzzled?? Most of you thought it was something else but then YES it is my Thaai mozhi, THAMIZH…

I write this blog in english script because of many of my fellow “Thamizh” friends don’t know to read Thamizh.. Sigh!! That’s the fate of the Language today…

The language that helped me call my Amma for the first time.. The language that was with me at all times through my life.. ups and downs.. high’s and low’s…success and failures… Thamizh came to my rescue when nobody else did…

Times fly and I remember so vividly during my school days how we were told to speak only English… And thankfully my parents spoke Thamizh at home, so my connection with the language was not lost… I only fear the kids of today as their parents seem to talk MOSTLY in English though being Tamilians.. And mind you, I talk about parents in India.. Tamil parents outside India talk more Thamizh than the ones in India… (I’m to blame myself too as I also got influenced speaking English at home.. but correcting that now, thanks to my husband)…

We don’t live in the times where our kids take a Thiruvasagam or a Silapadhigaram and read them.. They prefer a game of Angry Birds on our I-pad or a book on “Harry Potter”… So, unless we make them understand the importance and the value of Thamizh, they will never know. More Tamilians are migrating outside Tamilnadu and hence Thamizh is not even a second language and it’s even more important that we at home, speak in Thamizh for them to speak and know the language to teach their kids.. I can’t imagine 10 years from now, how the language is going to progress and I don’t see a positive trend about it NOW…

The BPO/ITeS is a major influence.. Adhu enna indha BPO sector le , people change their names??? Kathiverni becomes Katherine.. Shreeram becomes Sam… Vellakaranuku puriyalana, pathu dharava sollunga… There are hundreds of outsiders working in India, ask one of them to change their name and I will show you a dead person walking.. Evan pannuvan?? Ask him to change from Sam Morrison to Sriram.. From Mark Dorsan to Munniswamy… When they don’t, why should we..?? We lower our value by doing such things in the name of “corporate ethics”.. No company policy says you gotta change your name..

Veetle, naalu sevathukulle parkardhu ennamo namba TR padam, velile vandha mattum enna scene?? Sollunga… ARGO vum DARK KNIGHT num paatha dhan ungala mathipaangana, andha madhippu ungalukillai, andha padathuku…

I also watch English movies but I always make sure I watch my language movies and give them the due credit first… I aint saying become a Thamizh poet (if u wish to, super, salute)… but then give the value the language demands…

Aana, naan idha notice pannirken, Namba Thamizh karangaluku kovam vandha mattum dhan Thamizh patru pongo pongunu pongum.. Ada Ada Ada… Ennama Edhugai monai oda pesuvaanga teriyuma.. Azhage Azhagu…! Suthi podalam..!

Evlo vidahamana Thamizh iruku…!!

Namba Coimbatore Thamizh.. Anna.. Vanakamunga na…

Thirunelveli Thamizh… chuvamaa irukeyalaa…

Madhurai Thamizh..Eppudi irukeenga oi..

Namba Brahmana Thamizh.. Aathule ellarum, soukiyama kanne soukiyama…??

And irukave iruku namba Madras bashai.. Epdi ikkerai?? Appale? Vootanda vandhutu po..

And many many more…!!!

Which other language has so many dialects??? Sollunga paapom… summava sonnan, Thamizh is the oldest language in the world!!

The beauty in saying “Naan unnai kadhalikiren” is nowhere close to saying “I love you..” The Serenity in hearing ur child call u “Amma” is priceless compared to a “mom” “mother” etc..

Ennadhan  “Gangnam style” vandhalum, namma oru kuthu paatu range e thani… Namba ooru thapankuthuku aadra madhiiri varuma…??

Ennadhan Tom cruise, Bradley cooper vandhalum, Namba Thalaivar madhiri epdinga?? Endha oorle pannuvan pal abhishekam.. Thamizhan pannuvan.. Adhan naanga…

The joy when you read a Thirukural;

The joy when joy hear an illayaraja in Thamizh;

The joy when you watch a Mouna Raagam;

The joy when you call “Amma”;

The joy when you whistle at a Rajni film;

The joy when you have thayir saadam;

The joy when you speak in Thamizh…. BLISS..!!

I’m not saying speak only Thamizh…NO, im not saying that… Thamizh le pesina nalla irukumnu dhan solren.. Whenever you get the chance, pesi dhan paarungalen… Namabale pesalena, namba pasanga epdi pesuvaanga…?? Pesunga, U will fall in love with it..!

Vaazhga Thamizh;

Valarga Thamizh;

Coffee Confessions!!!


Coffee…Cuppa…Chaoua…Café…Qahwah…and Kaapi…

How does one start writing about the single most popular stress buster in the world…? (The others just follow ok, now read the blog) 🙂 The only partner who has been in my highs and lows… The only guy ( well, I think coffee is a person too… but then it can be a guy or a girl depending on ur mood swings…;) ) who has seen all the emotions of mine and still chose to remain calm and patient.. The BEST listener in the whole world… You can talk for hours and he will still remain quiet… BUT yes, you talk a lot and chances are he might ‘turn cold’ as well..! 😉

The perfect start to any day….!! One cup of this and you see the magic happening from within..!!  What is about him that is so addictive..? What is it about him that one can never get enough of? What is it about him that makes one want more and more…? What is it about him that makes the world go high…?

SO technically, YES, there is the caffeine and also slightly acidic in nature…!! But it’s a mix of many things… The Aroma… The Flavor… The Color…and YES the Taste…!! Ah… the TASTE!!

Coffee is by far the BEST drink (I see all the guys reading this shouting BEER BEER….) but then. Sorry mates, nothing beats a hot Cuppa…!!!

Whether you sip a cup sitting on those well-polished wooden chairs in a five star hotel, whether you sing away to Sting /Akon and enjoy your Cuppa in a coffee shop or you simply slurrrrrp it up in a road side nayar shop…Coffee tastes good everywhere!! It is a poor man’s drink of ecstasy…! You get it for five and five hundred…!

Those times when you have had a bad day at work…. Come home and sip that coffee and everything becomes normal again… The times when you had a fight with a best friend, meeting over a cup of coffee solves almost everything… An argument with the husband…?  Make him a cup of filter coffee and you are golden…! The times when everything seems to go the wrong way, when the whole world seems shrinking, one cup of coffee solves everything (but YES, with some Illayaraja to the ears… I can’t write a blog about stress busters and not have IIlayaraja mentioned in it)….

Today coffee has traveled across the borders… One can see Brazilian, Caribbean and Colombian coffees off the shelves in the Indian malls today… Every street today has coffee shops… It is become a meeting point for a casual chat with friends, for shortlisting the potential life partner and even business meetings…Coffee clicks for everyone!!! 🙂

But for me, the love for the filter Kaapi never seems to fade… You can blame me for being a Tambram for that, but then yeah, I mean, what’s wrong in sticking to the basics?!? 🙂

The entire process is enriching….You take that dark brown dusts of paradise and fill it up in the filter, and pour boiling water to it and wait for the small beads of brown beauty to fall into the vessel and then smell the aroma of the pure decoction filling up the walls… Heat some milk and mix the decoction to it and give it a shake and to top it all, add some decoction on the top… smell the whiff of the steam coming from the cup and then take that sip… AH!!!!! B L I S S…!!

So next time when you have a coffee, whether at home, work, cafeteria, coffee shop, lounge, road side, on the go or a five star hotel.. Always remember to smell it first, take in the aroma… and take the first sip and relish the taste.. Give time for coffee, it’s not a drink to hurry!!! Give the coffee, the love he deserves for he gives us much more in return!!

Time for my coffee break, gotta go!! Bye bye! 😉

En chennai.. En city..

Kowsalya supraja Rama poorva sandhya pravarthathe
Uthishta narasardoola karthavyam daivamahnikam

This is how I wanted to start the blog as this is how a day starts in an area like Mylapore or a Mambalam in Chennai and being a Tambram myself, i had to…!! 😉

So what’s about this city that makes the people glued to it (other than the sweat, of course 🙂 ?.. The city that is still culture rich and continues to be a conservative metro compared to the rest.

A city that has temples right in the middle of the road..!! 🙂 A city where kudumi* mama rides the pulsar with a blue tooth plugged to his ears and you can hear him saying “traffic irukkono… idho setha nazhile vandudren, neenga aarambingo..”*

A city that has the richest auto walas in the country..!! From central station to mount road, they charge 200/- bucks… The train journey from Chennai to Bangalore costs lesser..!

A city that has a sleepless beach… The constant chatter patter of the Bajji-wala-love and the sound of the never ending waves, what would we do without you?!?! A beach that is been of some help to every Chennai-ite…!! A beach that is been a shoulder to cry on for some… a soothing friend for some…a the subject of poetic thoughts for some and an umbrella for some 😉

So there are two lovers who can’t do without one another….That is ‘Sangeetha” and “Saravana Bhavan”…Chennai’s most favorite and most wanted love Jodi…!! 😉 Suda suda oru tumbler kaapi and oru plate idli… idhu illame Chennai epdi complete aagum*?!?

A city which possibly has an entire area dedicated to clothes..!! YES, Welcome to the T.Nagar.. What will the ladies do without you?!? The only place where the husbands sit/stand outside under the sun and the wives shop away to glory in the A/c inside..! From the road side junk shops in Pondy Bazaar to the multi storied buildings.. It is one area that is open for all classes and masses…. from Maamis and Maasis… From Saira Banu to Saraswathi to Shirley.. From Rahman to Ramachandran to Robinson… An area for everyone’s taste!! You get stuff for every Reason.. Season and Occasion..!

Did I mention Satyam Cinemas..? I did not!! The one place that does not care about recession, inflation, global economy, budget.. Its free from all this! Onnum kedaiyahu*… It keeps running and running… successfully.. week after week after week..! One can see house full here at any given time of the day..! Chennai is a cinema freak…!! As much as we love Rajnikanth, we love Ben Affleck too..!! But YES, Ben Affleck does not get a Paal Abhishekam* for his movie release, Namba Super star gets it..!!

December comes and its Margazhi Utsavam*… You can see the best of Carnatic talents singing at every corner of the city… The entire month, you get to do sabha hopping instead of pub hopping!! 🙂 Step into Mylapore or Mambalam during this season, you will see the beautiful hand done kolams* blocking half the streets and the smell of oodhuvathi* and malli poo* swaying from one house to another…!

Our Barma Bazaar and Richie Street..!! 🙂 Yes, our very own international shopping experience at your door step. From I phone to Ur phone, ellame namba phone*, from the latest release to yet to be released movies, from Sony to Bose… you get it all… that too in unbelievable rates…! Lifelong guarantee- u will not find a duplicate as original as this.. A must visit when you’re in Chennai! 🙂

Want a weekend to relax..? Namba chennai ku vaanga*… A drive down the ECR is all you need..!! Hit Mahabalipuram and enjoy the scenic beauty of the nature at its best…! The beaches never looked better..!! The shore temples are a delightful sight to look at…!! But pls make sure you show your marriage certificate when you are driving post 7 pm, naanga konjam* strict-u..strict-u strict-u… Believe me, it’s B L I S S…!! 🙂

The only city that has just three seasons instead of four all through the year.. Hot, Hotter and Hottest.. You see, we like to keep it simple!! 😉

A city that is modern yet traditional, a perfect blend for a perfect bride!! 😉 That is Chennai for you…!! 😉

Well, I can go on and on and on about my city, but its only fair that u come and experience it yourself! 🙂

En chennai… En city… En ulagam.. namba chennai ku whislte podu mama*…

Come and explore, you will fall in love with it…!!


Kudumi – pony tail

traffic irukkono… idho setha nazhile vandudren, neenga aarambingo..”* – there is huge traffic so will get delayed, you start the function..

Suda suda oru glass kaapi and oru plate idli… idhu illame Chennai epdi complete aagum* – Whats chennai without Hot hot filter coffee and one plate idli?

Onnum kedaiyahu – nothing bothers at all

Paal abhishekam – milk shower

Margazhi utsavam – a season for music

Kolam – Rangoli

ooduvathi – Agarbathi /scent sticks

Malli poo – Jasmine flowers

ellame namba phone – all phones, our phones

Namba chennai ku vaanga – come to  our chennai

naanga konjam – we are a little..

En – My

Ulagam – world

namba chennai ku whistle podu mama – whistle to our chennai, uncle.

ME and MY six yards…!!

ME and my SIX yards…

So, when everything else fails, sari prevails!

In today’s changing times w.r.t the clothing a line, wearing a sari looks like the last but one option for many. Strangely for me, this looked like the first and the best option.

I could not help but have a fetish to it as my mother has three cupboards full of em’ and as a child I remember wrapping them up standing in front of the mirror for hours ( yeah yeah, I still do it but now I know how to drape it 😉 …

The times when I missed my mom the most, I remember wrapping her saree around and sleeping.. It was a feeling that I cant express..

There was something about it that lured me to it.. Something feminine.. Something passionate.. Something charming and something ethnic…something that stood out from the other dresses….

The comfort that a sari gives to a dull day is something else totally 🙂

So when I did some research, I got to know that Sari is actually derived from Sanskrit which means #a strip of cloth. Strange, a strip of plain 6 yards of cloth can make a woman look amazingly beautiful and sensuous. The comfort of wearing a simple cotton sari is much more than wearing branded clothing.

It is the only dress that does not humiliate plus sized woman, u don’t have to ask for “your size” in it.. one size fits all.. No embarrassment of telling people weather you are wearing a L, XL, XXL, XXXL etc.. You don’t need to check if it has your waist size.. How wonderfully simple a dress can get!! Just one size for all!!

Dresses come and go, but the spirit of Sari always stands out The joy of wearing one never withers..

Every time I buy a saree, it is a celebration of sorts.. The joy of owning it and the joy of wearing it is something you gotta experience 🙂 A poem is the best way that I can explain my joy for this lovely piece of art that makes woman look like one 🙂


Like silk you fall;

I wish I could own u all;


Like cotton you stick;

I drape you when im sick;


Like chiffon u flow;

It makes me wanna glow;


Like kota you stand tall;

Makes a woman look like a doll;


Like Banarasi you rise;

Fits woman of all size;


Like a net you throw;

What else is left to show?;


Styled as a lehanga, Mundu or a madisar;

You are the only one that treats all women at par;


Oh, the joy u give when we drape;

Without you, we would look like an ape;


Oh, me and six yards;

Without you, I crumble like a deck of cards;